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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by nibsmom Hey all! For anyone who's been to the MP, are room keys actual keys or cards? I was thinking of getting those coil bracelets to put in my OOT bags so people can put their keys on them - does the MP already hand anything like this out? Nibsmom - The MP Room keys are cards. If I remember correctly they give you a small paper wallet to put it in. Maybe you should skill the coil bracelets and try and find small business card holders or flip wallets. Hope that helps!
  2. Hello everyone! I've been really busy with work so I have not been on here in a LONG time... but my wedding is soon approaching! Rosy Lily Sanchez is my assigned coordinator. I have been calling and emailing - but I haven't seemed to have gotten what I want yet. I just want a list of who has booked and who hasnt so that I can call people and make sure they book before the deadline. But it may just be me and my need to be PATIENT. *sigh. Any other brides out there getting married around July 10th? Any other brides assigned to Ms. Sanchez? =]
  3. its beautiful! hopefully someone will be able to take it off of your hands.. =]
  4. hello everyone! i've just gotten back from my week long vacation at the moon palace and i have to say- i am so excited to have chosen mp for our wedding location. melissa - sorry to have missed you but glad you had an amazing time! i took pictures of all of the gazebos and terraces for all of you. i know that theres some pictures already on here - but i thought it would help. =] once i get them uploaded to my computer and figure out how to post pics i'll have them up! it was an amazing experience. amazing. i loved everything about it except for the excursion to chichen-itza. the entire day was a sales pitch for handcrafts and 'helping out the mayan people' but it was all very pushy and staged. the bus stopped at a 'mayan family home' but it was not that at all. it was a store/restaurant with really high prices. it really put me off. i would not go back there again until they remove the vendors from the ancient city. 700 vendors selling the same items and harrassing you everywhere you go. it was hard to enjoy the beauty of the ruins. but with that said - the excursion to isla mujeres was my favorite day of the week. it was just gorgeous. i'd definitely do that next year. the pools, restaurants, grounds of the moon palace were so clean and i could not have asked for more. the bars by the pools served softer drinks than the lobby bar or the beach lounge. the beach lounge was my favorite place to be after sundown. its down on the sand and there's swing chairs around the bar, instrumental music playing, hte sound of the waves, and comfy lounge chairs. any questions - please just ask... i cannot wait to get my invitations together now!
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  6. Quote: Originally Posted by mtomas5555 Siobhan, That's awesome!! Maybe you can stop and say HI after our ceremony. We're getting married on Monday, August 11th at 5pm in the Bugambilias Gazebo. We will be having cocktails/horderves on the Bugambilias Terrace from 6-7. I should be finished with pictures around 6:30 and heading over for cocktails around then! Maybe you can stop by the terrace around 6:30 and we can meet! That would be so cool! Melissa Melissa - I'm sorry I have been MIA - but I've been at a conference and then I am spending some time with my sister here in new york =]. I'd love to stop by and see how your day went... I don't want to intrude on your special day. Maybe we can meet the day after even. you let me know. -Siobhan
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by mtomas5555 Wish I was there when you girls were. I don't leave until August 7th. Hey, is there anyone that will be there from August 7th to the 14th?? GOOD LUCK TO YOU NICOLE! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR PICS!! -Melissa Melissa, I will be there for vacation and to check out the moon palace from august 9th to the 16th. =] -Siobhan
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by KBMD12309 Weird Ive never heard of Trash the Dress. Do you really trash the dress? haha. im intrigued by this now. Thats funny what part of L.I. are you from originally? We are thinking of moving to NC after we get married and I graduate from Grad school. But i dont know. My fiance is an architect and hes better off near NYC. I just want a big house that doesnt cost as much as it does here...its rediculous. I can dream though can't I. I grew up in Deer Park and Tommy grew up in North Babylon. Nothing fancy =] We moved to Baltimore just for that reason - we wanted to start a life and a family and didnt want to pay an arm and a leg. We closed on our house the day after he proposed! The house I live in would have cost me atleast 500,000 on Long Island, and we didnt pay half of that. When are you getting married? I have about a year to go but am getting a lil frantic about it. =]
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by KBMD12309 Ive seen it several times...what does TTD stand for? its driving me mad! its Trash The Dress!!! and yes - I will be taking lots of photos for all of us when I'm down there. I am excited to meet with them - AND i'm excited to get some relaxing time with my soon to be hubby... I see you're from Long Island.. I'm a native long islander. =] I kinda miss it every now and again... haha.. btw... just went out and got martha's new summer wedding mag... i am only going to start reading it AFTER i do the laundry... !
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by foxfirejg So I may have missed it in all the different posts on this thread- I'm considering Moon Palace, but one thing that is really important to me is having a nice beach to lay out on- not just pools. How is the beach at Moon Palace? I have not yet been to the Moon Palace, (but the countdown to the August scouting trip is on!) but I have heard that the beach is pretty seaweedy. I am sure the brides on this thread who have been there can tell you from experience. =]
  11. as far as the moon palace flowers go - do they have to be EXACTLY like the picture? or is there some variance allowed. The all yellow bouquet might work for me if we can put some orange gerbers and green pom pom chrysanthemums in it... what do you think?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ashrose Hey ladies... I've just begun the research on doing my wedding at MP in Feb 2010 (just 1.5 months longer than 2009!)-- can I post here too? . My name is AshleyRose and I'm from Seattle. I've been reading through this whole thread and there is so much great information. I called Palace Resorts last week and immediately was sent two really great PDFs that have all the ceremony locations and all the reception locations. It was nice for me to have them all in one place -- including the max occupancy. Thought they might help someone else as well if they are looking at MP. There are SOOO many options! thanks for the attachments!!! its going to be really helpful when i meet with the wc in august. also - has anybody been watching the 'today show wedding'? they havent picked anything i would have yet!
  13. thanks so much dez! i might have to figure out another way to get yellow on the tables. my sister lives on staten island in the village greens off of arden avenue. i've gotta schedule a weekend to be up there soon~!
  14. hey everyone! I was just wondering what everyone is doing for centerpieces. Since our theme is a 'citrus wedding' and I love simple and repetitive things I wanted to do a trio of simple glass vases filled with oranges, lemons, and limes. How do you think I can get a hold of mass quantities of fruit like that? Are there markets I can go to the day before to get them - or will the MP charge us an arm and a leg for the citrus fruit. Any suggestions would be lovely! thanks! siobhan
  15. Hello everyone! Some of you have already welcomed me on the newbies board - but I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Siobhan, a transplanted New Yorker in Baltimore, MD. My Fiance, Thomas and I are in the early stages of planning our Moon Palace wedding in July 2009. We have not yet reserved a date, but we have confirmed site visits on Monday August 11th. I can't wait! I'm looking forward to sharing all my ideas and getting your amazing advice on everything. You all seem like a lovely bunch of ladies! I'm so happy I found you! =]