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  1. Not getting married but, we are a couple of wedding photographers that will be celebrating our 30 year anniversary at Couples Negril June 12. Trying to decide if we want to spend the money on a vow renewal ceremony. Username: Scott C Becca & Scott Couples Negril Anniversary date: June 12, 2012
  2. Congrats Danyel. Now the fun starts with all the planning. Enjoy the ride because it will be here before you know it. ~~Keep Smilin~~
  3. Best thing is to contact Del Sol and ask them what the story is. They may have working relationships with the resort you are going to and have no issues there. If not then my guess is they will know what to expect and can advise you. They are excellent togs and in that area so that is a bonus. Mexico can be a little different. Grease the right wheel and you have no trouble. The issue is knowing which wheel to grease.
  4. Anyone going to be getting married during the week of July 11-15, 2010?
  5. Nice list you have there. ...I do know that Del Sol does amazing work especially with some of their TTD shoots. Good luck on your planning.
  6. Have you considered the Excellence Punta Cana. It is really nice and the weddings we saw looked great. It is all adult though which could be an issue. They do have a nice area for a beach wedding as well.
  7. We flew from Houston and the flight left at 6 ish AM. No overnight layover for us. We ended up getting to the resort around 4 that afternoon so it is a somewhat long day traveling. I think we spent about 2-3 hours in the Miami airport going. Coming back was a different animal but was airport related and not the planes fault.
  8. I know the cost of living isnt bad at all as long as you can find work. Trouble is I have a 21 year old with a year left in College and a 16 year old heading that direction. Tough to pick up and move there until those situations stabilize. Perhaps one day.... thanks for the offer and maybe one day I will look you up and take you up on it.
  9. And that is why you hire a pro. A good lesson here. The photos look really good and the 2 of you are a photographers dream, a very attractive couple. Congrats on the wedding and I wish you years of joy together.
  10. YOU LIVE THERE. That just isnt fair. Jut kidding. I have bee trying to figure a way to move there but just cant get the cash to make it work. Quote: Originally Posted by DeniseC Here are some awsome Photographers in the area. I live here: Cancun Wedding Photography Marco Cossu Creacion Fotografica d-eYe-d my most favorite but, a little spendy. Infinity Blue Wedding Paradise Hope this helps.
  11. Scott C


    Welcome to the forum. Maroma should be amazing and with a new resort you should have a great wedding.
  12. Scott C


    Welcome to the party Danniell and congrats on the engagement.
  13. If I were you I would call them directly and speak to someone. I am not sure about your location but in Houston you can get a calling card for a dollar at the dollar store and it allows you to call international for really cheap. Might be something to think about and make it cheaper to call them. Good luck.
  14. Scott C


    Welcome to the forum. If you have any questions just ask.
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