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  1. heather1172

    Starfish Passing Thread

    I'd love to borrow a starfish if anyone's willing. My date is nearing quickly, Feb 21.
  2. Very very awesome, thank you!
  3. You look very beautiful!
  4. heather1172

    Kristen's Dreams Los Cabos Wedding Review

    Kristen, I'm so glad you wrote this review, as I'm doing the package as well. Yesica is making me nervous, but I'm also happy to hear she's totally involved in the process. Where did you find your dress? It's gorgeous!
  5. Great pictures, wonderful review. I remember you mentioned the cruise before you left, and I'm sooooo happy to hear it went well. Did you book it through the resort? I'm going to do the same thing, and contact info you can provide would be great!
  6. heather1172

    My bouquet is ordered :)

    Very beautiful!! Where did you find it?
  7. heather1172

    Is this "appropriate"?

    Andrea, I'm in loveland, and I had the same idea on my mind..........next summer seems too late, this summer seems too early, what to do.........?? So, I think we're leaving it in his parent's hands (that feels great to say, b/c most of it will be for his parents and family). I'd love to do a happy hour kind of thing at a local bar in March, but we shall see..........
  8. heather1172

    OOT bag info

    Just wondering about assembly before you all went to mexico or after arrival. I'm thinking if we put together the bags before we travel that would save us time down there, but what does customs think about that?
  9. You are the BEST!!!! I'm so excited to finally have the points to open these templates! You are awesome, thank you. Heather PS - Isn't it funny - the things that gets one excited?
  10. Well, I was thinking of sending them......but then I read on another thread (don't ask me which one, because they are all running together in my head anymore) that the resort doesn't like it when things are sent, ie, they don't want to be responsible. But you're right, THIS IS A FREAKIN WEDDING, and like we don't have enough on our silly little minds right now. (Chapstick labels, hello!) So, I was thinking of telling the resort moments after I get out of the fed ex store. Maybe not very nice, but seriously, we have dresses to pack duh!!! Plus there's the whole customs thing. Uggggghhhhhh, I don't know what I'm going to do...........
  11. heather1172

    New to the Site

    Brice, Congrats! I'm at Dreams 2/21/2009. I have found some great things on here, such as OOT bag ideas, save the date templates, welcome letters, before travel brochures, etc, etc, the list goes on. Ask away!
  12. Andrea, I know!!! I bought the same ones!!! So, question that I thought of after the fact (I'm so blonde) - Will you be shipping those to your resort, or packing them in your luggage?
  13. Beautiful pictures, your dress is AMAZING!!
  14. heather1172

    JessicaM Planning Pics!!!

    Jessica, I'm in love with your brochure and luggage tags, can you post or email templates? I always seem to be lacking points :-( Thanks! heather1172@hotmail.com