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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Thomasjsgirl Hi! Did you get your album from Misti? What has her response time been like? I wanted you both to know that not only did I NOT receive our album as promised, but now Misti is also ignoring my efforts to contact her! For any new brides, be warned she is now operating under Studio Douglas Weddings (http://www.studiodouglasweddings.com/) but previously she was under the name Expressions by Misti. Our wedding date was November 2008.
  2. Hi Ladies! Just wishing you all a very Happy Holiday! I think BachataBride and I will be getting together for drinks shortly after Christmas so maybe if there's interest others could join us?
  3. We were married at the Dreams Punta Cana resort just over a year ago in Nov 2008. I live in Guelph. If you have any questions I'd be happy to help! Its nice to see some local girls here.
  4. And my bouquet was the one included in the package - it was gorgeous, lush and lasted all afternoon and evening. I wanted lilies so it worked out but they had a huge assortment of 'free' bouquets to choose from.
  5. We just got the basic cake included in the package and it was DELICIOUS! And it served more than enough for our 35 guests.
  6. Sorry, I actually just sold this dress yesterday. Thanks for the interest!
  7. I am a size 29 in jeans and my bust is a 36A - bust cups were added so the dress would stay on me! I often wear dresses in a size 4 or 6, and I am 5'4" in height and wore a small heel.
  8. Strapless, corset back with chiffon overlay on one layer of satin. There is delicate beadwork at the bust and a small ruching at the side of the dress. It has a pretty short train, so its great for a DW, or could be used as a TTD dress! This dress would be great for someone 5'4" or less, and is a size 10. Selling for $250CDN.
  9. Ack! Alright, alright... we'll reschedule then! Hope your week gets less hectic soon!
  10. So its just SmallTownOntario, BachataBride, and myself? Any others?
  11. Hi! I was a bride in Punta Cana, DR in November of 2008 and am from Guelph. If you have any questions about planning, or finding a TA feel free to ask. I had guests come from all over Canada and our TA was able to coordinate everything for us. We even had our photographer join us from the US! We were married at the Dreams Punta Cana resort, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I'd be happy to share photos from the wedding, just PM me! Shelley
  12. Hey Small Town - we share the same wedding date, but mine was 2008!
  13. I think you can also find some on Etsy.com barefoot sandals on Etsy, a global handmade and vintage marketplace.
  14. chika

    Happy Canada Day all you Canucks!

    I totally missed this thread on Wednesday! Happy belated Canada Day everyone! I had a very relaxing day with no urge to be doing anything due to the clouds and rain. Hubby was away with the boys, so I had a nice day to myself then went to the see 'The Proposal' at night with the gals. It was a good movie - for a chick-flick! Oscar from The Office is in it in a really funny role....
  15. Ouch, kicked in the head? What kind of sparring are you doing? ! CRAZY !