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  1. Ladies, Hopefully a few of you will be kind enough to send me pictures from your photoshoot at your wedding. I am trying to be prepared and send my photographer examples of shots that I like, but I have done research and only accumulated a few pictures =o( It would be such a help!! PM me or email me pics at gabyshaf@gmail.com You can even reply to the post with pictures! IT WILL BE SUCH A HUGE HELP!!! TYYYY =o) Gabbie
  2. This Rabbi doesn't do weddings unfortunately. I spoke with him about 1 month ago and he told me that he prefers not to do weddings because it is a lot of trouble to find out if both bride and groom are jewish and etc. =o( I found a Rabbi in Guadalajara but getting married in Cancun - the flight is so expensive i might as well fly my own Rabbi from NY...
  3. Oddly enough I started this post yet I cannot read Russiun to read the list =o(
  4. We are working on a CD - the issue is what to put on the CD!
  5. My wedding is actually in Cancun not Jamaica and we are bringing a Rabbi with us.
  6. I love Israeli. I was hoping to save my Sarit Hadad for the reception lol. Yes I am refering to the second he steps on it - a song will play while every1 yells mazel tov and then we can exit.
  7. Thank you all. Do any of you girls (and 1 guy) happen to know the names of any songs so I can try to DL before I get myself to Brighton one of these lovely weekends?
  8. I need some good Russian music to bring for the DJ play. The kind of stuff you hear in Russian Rest. Any 1 out there?
  9. Not during - right after he breaks it... and the song will lead to our exit. DJ. Any ideas?
  10. Any ideas what song to blast when my fiancee breaks the glass?? My mind is BLANK!
  11. I emailed the address on the website but havent heard back from anyone. Does anyone what their current prices fall in?
  12. I want info!! About Grand Coral Beach. I dont even know how to contact them we got disconnected when I called the hotel and they transfered me a bunch of times I need a direct group department number or something, so confused!!
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