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  1. hello i got married last week and wanted to share my experience with other brides to be. First i want to thank all the posts that i have been following in the past 6 months, it was very helpful. Our wedding was definitely a giant success, we had the time of our life at Ana y Jose beach club! I found the organization extremely smooth and easy, i actually loved organizing my wedding! The location was definitely amazing, the staff was so professional, they even had someone standing behind me during dinner to pull my chair in case i wanted to stand up or sit down, same with my husband...and they kept on bringing drinks, trays of tequila shots all night...and after we were all pretty drunk, they came with bottles of water, which i thought was so thoughtful! since the preparation started, i basically had nothing to do, it was all taken care of by Claudia, jackie's assistant...i saw the final result when i was ready to walk down the aisle, and i was really happy about the decorations. the only stressful moment was during the hair and makeup preparation, we were behind and Nora the person that jackie recommends was doing a horrible job, my friend came and fixed it. I wouldn't recommend her even though we had a test, the day of she didnt do what i wanted... The kids played on the trampoline all night long, they had a blast. We also rented a projector/screen for my dad's surprise, it was enormous! we also rented a big dance floor 8x8m, it was perfect! we were around 65 people. we brought our own DJ, she dealt with all technical details directly with jackie, i felt like jackie didn't really know what the DJ had to bring, but at the end she figured it out. We also brought our own photographers, they were sensational... we ordered the cake at Turtle bay bakery, it was great! we also had a guitar player, i have no idea what he played, if he played what we requested, nobody remembers or could tell me ..im not even sure i walked down the aisle on pachelbel... and the mariachi were great, they started playing after the ceremony, it was awesome. we had also bought maracas for our guests to start playing once we are married, but they were so excited to see us walk down the aisle, they started shaking them right away! it was so much fun for them and for us too the maracas were our party favors, they made the night worth it for some, who just couldnt stop playing all night long! i should have photos soon, will put them up! i would recomment the beach club to anybody for anything,...i had a blast!
  2. i am getting married july the 11th if you are using fabric and you want to share it let me know... thanks
  3. hi i was wondering if any of you is using white/sheer fabric for decoration? If you are i wanted to know if we could share the cost of it. i wanted to use it under the palapa, all around and falling from the roof, and also on the huppa. Anyone interested? Sara, i would love to see some of your pictures! thanks
  4. congratulations! the pictures are great! Can i ask you what band you hired when you walked down the aisle? i thought about hiring the guitar player but not sure anymore. What kind of ceremony did you have? did you use vanessa james for flowers? your bouquet looked beautiful! thanks for sharing with us your pictures!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by charps I'm pretty sure you won't be allowed to bring in any alcohol. In my contract, it says no outside food or beverage...in red. I'm going for a pina colada toast. It's included in the $13/hr bar, and what the hell.. I'm getting married in Mexico, so why not do something a little different. I had a couple when visited, and they're VERY good. This is really weird because she sent me the corkage fee for bottles i would buy outside...
  6. i asked jackie if a friend could marry us and she said that he needed a work permit which you can get if you stay a month in mexico, the whole explanation that jackie gave me was so vague and scary, i decided not to have my friend marry us...she said they would be fine if they do it illegally! she obviously try to push her guy...will do some research about it
  7. the reception area under the grape trees is right next to the palapa and before the lounge/bed area on the beach, it should be accessible all year long since its not too close to the water...i was thinking of doing reception there, diner under the palapa and dancing under the palapa too
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Afreeman21 Stephdel- I haven't asked about the corkage fee, but I agree with the $13 an hour for open bar and it isn't even top shelf. We decided to pay by the drink for everyone because we wanted top shelf and knew our families couldn't drink the $125/person that came out to (friends on the other hand probably will). But when you pay by the drink, you have to pay for ALL the drinks, $2.50 per coke and water. I even asked if we could have those big jars of fruit juices you always see in Mexico, we can but still $2.50 per glass. Oh well. They have realized American brides will pay whatever for their wedding to be what they want. Is anyone using the lounge furniture? Seeing the pictures of that is what made me want my wedding at Ana y Jose, but I'm not really sure how to incorporate it so that I get my money's worth. i think i will do open bar for an hour during the reception, then for diner we will have wine (that we will buy from them) and champagne (that we are buying)...by the way there is a supermarket in playa that has veuve cliquot champagne and moet for $30, it still is cheaper to buy it outside AyJ because their corkage fee for champagne bottle is $50...their bottles of champagne are $120 so $30+$50= $80, still cheaper than their bar. Jackie told me that in order to keep the place open after 11pm, i have to get the open bar $13 an hour/per person or they will close it down...so i guess we will have to. Also is anybody annoyed by the fact that they lower the decibels to 65 after 11pm...it sounds like the party is over at 11, but we really want to get it going, we are thinking of renting a house close by for the after party...we might even move the celebration earlier so we can party a little more before 11pm... i did a tasting menu (which i couldn't chose), but i came back and chose it this time, and picked Citrus Salmon and Chicken. i thought the soups would be too hot for july so i might substitute it for ceviche. For the rehearsal diner, i am still negotiating with Zamas, they offer 2 menus, one is local mexican, cheaper and the other one is more american/more expensive, i might have to go for the a american one which offers grilled fish and chicken...and lots of good appetizers..it's not cheap but my in-laws are paying and dont like mexican food. There is this great trampoline at the club, just wondering if anybody organizing some kind of photoshoot there with their guests, i was thinking of doing that, it would be so funny i think! i went on DJ bon website but couldn't see what he plays, and it doesn't look like he can play old school hip hop or rock, can someone tell me if you got more infos? i am thinking about keeping AyJ tables and chairs for diner, just because i can play with the number of guests at the table more that if i had a 10 people round table, and also i dont hae to spend another $2000 with rental and everything that goes with it. the more i think about my wedding the more chilled and relaxed i want it and the setting is so gorgeous that i don't feel like spending a ton in decoration and tables...i would love to hear what you think. i am a little disappointed that they won't offer any discounts for people staying at the AyJ hotel, after dropping at least $20000 i feel like they could be a little more flexible...oh well. i am not hiring a wedding coordinator on top of jackie, so i am going to most i can with her vendors just because i don't want to have to deal with it the day of...i am sure there are better deals for rentals, and florist but i want everything to be under jackies control. by the way this blog is so helpful! i love it!
  9. i know the fee is a bummer, what about the price of bottles of champagne or even corkage fee! but hey they have to make money somehow since they are not charging us for the space. I first freaked out about the alcohol open bar fee $13 per person per hour... what bothers me is that they don't offer a lot of variety of vendors, only one florist, one bakery, one guitar player... i went there last month to check out the place and hotels but i feel like i have to go back for more details such as doing some test with the hairdresser (jackies recommend) and makeup, flower, musician. has anyone gone more than once and what is your suggestion about makeup and hair? Debbie, you were asking about hotels and transportation...i only know Tulum hotels, they range from rustic to high end, starting with ANa y jose hotel, the nicest one on the beach, and we liked Zamas for family and friends, and posada margarita for couple/Maya Tulum, and Posada del Sol. I chose to put my guest in tulum only for the convenience of the location, everybody can walk to the wedding, and we are all pretty close to each other even if we stay at different hotels there was one giant all inclusive resort called Blue but i heard they closed because they are located on governement lands? too close to the ruins? i keep receiving wedding proposal from them, i don't really know what is going on there...anybody? i am doing my rehearsal dinner at Zamas, i love the atmosphere and the food is great...but i am looking for a place to do the brunch the day after the wdding, does anyone know of a hotel where i could have tacos on the beach? thanks
  10. hi, i am so excited to share all the exciting details of our weddings! for the transportation, jackie had mentioned that : info@tulumresorts.com could take care of it. Have you met her? it looks like tulumresorts.com is part of Ana y jose and they provide a lot of different services. like hotels... i haven't even thought of contacting anybody yet about this subject i was just going to follow her contact. all i need is a bus to go along the tulum beach, shouldnt be too hard....playa is definitely a different story. i have a question, i went there to visit all the hotels on the beach and the beach club, and i was wondering if you had any suggestion for hotels with AC? other than AyJ. thanks My wedding is July the 11th!
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