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  1. Have you tried Envelopperinc.com: they have all kind of things, not sure about price though
  2. OMG, that is what that brown thing is from pampered chef! I found it in my drawer a few days ago and thought my mom had left it here as part of her cake decorating stuff!!!! I do have a pizza stone from PC so that is were it came from! Thanks for the help!!!!! I believe it is called a boner also. I score it with the non sharp end of the blade and fold and then run like the middle part of a pen over it, or ruler.
  3. Well it depends on what program you use, I use a industry standard graphics program which many on here may not have. I am not too familiar with Word, Publisher, Power Point, i'm pretty sure it is somewhere in the text menu, although I may be wrong. Maybe someone who is handy with those could share!
  4. Just an FYI for people using Scriptina. The font is finicky, in some spots the kearning (spacing between the letters) needs to be tightened up. It mostly happens between t, h, l the ones with the big tails.
  5. Hi all, Does anyone have this font?, if so would you mind sharing. Thanks
  6. I don't think you are required to have menu cards at all, I think it is whether you want them or not, or how formal you are going. If you would like to include a menu card for each guest you could, but what about having an 8x10 piece by each station describing what is there. I have done that for a few of my clients. Hope this helps.
  7. If you have an archivers around you, not sure what sate you live in they have a aqua color its called turquoise they come in packages of 25 and run about $40 a pack.
  8. They should it in a#10 envelope. Buy Envelopes - All Sizes, Styles, and Colors - Printed or Plain - ActionEnvelope.com has tons of colors and ones that open on the top.
  9. Although Safari is good, you Mac users should be using Fire Fox instead. Vista Print doesn't work in Safari anymore and Yahoo recommends that you now use Fire Fox. Mozilla.org - Home of the Mozilla Project Download from here. As for the programs that come with the Mac, I don't use those, have office for mac and the design programs I use are the Industry standard ones. I wish I could help you more, do those programs have tutorials? Also some programs work cross platform.
  10. That first one looks like this one from istockphoto.com. I have used it in my designs. Istockphoto is a pay site. Royalty Free Stock Vector Art & Illustrations: Starfish | iStockphoto.com
  11. Seaprincess is right, you don't have enough to make it cost effective on your end to have a printer print them. Your best bet is taking them to Staples, Kinkos or Office Max etc, or doing it from home. Here is a hint though, if you do decide to have a printer do them, have everything printed at the same time, that will save you some money.
  12. There are a couple factors to consider 1. Are you computer, printer savvy? 2. How many are you doing? If you are confident in your computer, printer and assembly skills go for it! Also ink cost is a factor, depending on how many you are doing it way be more cost and time effective to have some one do it for you. You never know though get some quotes it may be less than you think to have someone else do it. I do things both ways, but have found even though I have the skills, its gets old after the 50th piece I have to print, cut and assemble when I have 200 to do! If your willing to spend the time and deal with a little aggravation the DIY may work for you!
  13. Yes, if you do it in word on your computer, they should be able to print it, just design the size you need them to be on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and the should also be able to cut them down to the size you need.
  14. IMO if you do not want the hassle of printing them yourself, have Staples or Kinkos print them, but if you can design the layout yourself do that, Im not sure Kinkos or Staples offers that or even if they do what it would cost.