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    Sept 2011 Jamaica bride to be!

    I fully understand how you feel! I have 3 weddings starting from Friday! It does seem that we may be ok but the forecasts seem so uncertain. By tomorrow evening, I'm sure we will know one way or the other. Good luck to us all!
  2. Misha Earle

    Negril Jamaica Wedding Planners

    I have worked with Ari on many occasions and have found her to be highly professional and organised. Even so she is also very friendly and down to earth. I highly recommend her......
  3. Hi, In Negril there is the Royal Palm Reserve and the Negril Hills Golf Club. Hope this helps....
  4. Misha Earle

    Jamaican Photographer

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments ladies!! Just want to clarify my internet accessing situation. I live in the internet boonies so I couldnt previously respond to mail as quickly as I would have liked although I aimed to do it everyday. In any case I have a Blackberry now so I am able to get my mail straight away. So.........get in touch!
  5. Misha Earle

    Grand Bahama - any reccomomendations?

    I did a beach wedding a couple of weeks ago from a Pelican Bay wedding. I was a little disappointed with the house in the background but it is a beautiful, natural beach and I still got great pics. Im only sorry the wedding is still unfinished because I would love to show it. I just avoided that background and any good photographer will. For the wedding I did, they had the wedding guests come on a ferry which was nice.The coordinator was very professional and the hotel itself was great too.
  6. Hi All, I did a wedding at Excellence last week and it was my best shoot ever! The bride was stunning and the resort is absolutley beautiful too. The staff were great. I think all EPC brides to be will be happy. I'll post pics as soon as the weddings done.
  7. Hi! When I'm asked by brides how long they should book for, I tell them that its dependent on how many guests they are having, what the itinery is and of course how much do they want covered. You have to weigh up whether or not you are willing to sacrifice "getting ready pics" or "some of the reception. I think 3 hrs is perfect for "just the couple" weddings or small groups, 5 hours is great for most weddings and 10 is for those who really want it ALL covered. You can arrange for cake cutting and toasts to happen earlier as well to make sure the photographer is there. If you need to use friends and family to take pics, let them take the party pics. I hope this helps!
  8. The pics are coming girl! The wedding was great and I had alot of fun. Talk to you soon.
  9. Misha Earle

    Jamaica based Photographers

    Quote: Originally Posted by divadivine25 Misha, your pics are beautiful! Thank you so much!
  10. Its possible to get outside photographers onto all of them except Sandals and Beaches resorts. Most all inclusives will allow one as long as any applicable vendors fees and day passes are dealt with.
  11. Misha Earle

    Jamaica based Photographers

    Just want to say that certain photographers have been slamming Jamaican photographers as a means getting the work for themselves. There are quite a few professional, reliable and talented people here. There is Sungold and Michael Saab who are just brilliant. Other names have also been mentioned above. I think everyone should be free to choose who they want based on budget or any preferences but they should know, there are many talented photographers here.
  12. Misha Earle

    Bobbi's Wedding 6/28/08- A few pics for now

    Very beautiful bride...............
  13. Misha Earle

    ROR Photographer's Policy Change

    Quote: Originally Posted by KHarrod This is the email that I got from Michael Not from us as I don´t have a contract with you! I might charge RIU for breaking the contract they grant me but definetely not you! So everthing´s fine! Kind regards Michael kenya harrod schrieb: Will there be a charge for bringing in another photographer? I spoke to Michael as an outside photographer and he told me he would charge the hotel. The question is would the hotel pass it on to you? Both RIU and Michael will probably shift their policy as it suits and cerainly if there are too many outside photographers. The hotel will want to please their guests but at the end of the day,they have a contract with Michael and do earn commission from him on a constant basis. I think anyone wanting to use an outside photographer has to be prepared to pay the $200 fee and for the day pass. Either that or get something in writing from the hotel.
  14. Misha Earle

    ROR Wedding Cakes

    Quote: Originally Posted by Agape Gems Free cake with silk flowers that we brought Thats a great idea! Keep the costs down but still get to make it your own individual cake to your liking. You could even just add shells. Check this pic: Zenfolio | misha earle photography | WEDDINGS get fresh flowers and use like this: Zenfolio | misha earle photography | Beth & Glenn
  15. Misha Earle

    seashell boutonniere's

    They are cute!