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  1. Mrs. Martin, I do have a quick question for you. Do you know the name of the WC? I'm working on booking Vanessa Vargas as my photographer. (I'm so excited she is available because I love her work!) Anyway, Vanessa needs the name, phone # and email of the WC, but I don't even know who that is. I can email the hotel too but I thought I would just ask you. Thanks! Amy
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Rache1124 Really - this is the last time (it connected extra junk on the end...) Regan and Rachel | Welcome | reganandrachel Hey Rachel, Have you tried the poll page? I can't seem to get it to work correctly. I think its cute but if it doesn't show the results I guess I'll have to take it off my website.
  3. Welcome! It takes a little bit to get used to, but there is a lot of good information on here once you learn how to navigate.
  4. I looked at several different wedding websites today and I really like momentville.com the best. At least of all the free ones. I was really surprised when I heard many places charge for a website They seem to have an easy to use website (for the not so computer savvy) and more options than knot.com's free website. Thank you Rache1124!
  5. Wow, these are awesome. I LOVE this passport idea so I'll be looking for templates. Thanks for posting the pictures!
  6. Those are nice! I love the magnet! I wish I had seen that sale. I'll have to keep checking back there.
  7. Ok, I just thought this was cute. Hopefully I have figured out how to post pictures...
  8. You'll find lots of good info here.
  9. Awesome! I have some other good ones. When I find them I'll post them here...
  10. I haven't been contacted by the WC yet but I did recieve an email saying they received my request. I put it in on Friday afternoon and the email says it could take up to 10 days for them to send a confirmation code. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Saturday available I was hoping for so I booked for Friday. Oh man, I just realized our wedding date is 9/11! I hope that's not bad luck! Well, I definitely won't forget our anniversary. Yeah, I think my guests are mostly going to be friends so it will probably be a little crazy. I'm considering that Booze Cruise to Isla Mujeres
  11. OK, I just put in my wedding request for RPLA! I though I would explain why I chose this hotel but first, I really want to give a shout out to this website. It has been sooo helpful in gathering information on different resorts. I have spent the past month just reading reviews (and learning to navigate the forum) and I really appreciate all the resort details and awesome wedding ideas! I'm so happy to have found it! Reasons I picked Riu Palace Las Americas: 1. Did you see Mrs. Martin's pictures? Gorgeous! 2. Central location. Resort is close to the clubs, shopping, ferry to Isla Mujeres, etc. (I have a wide age group coming and lots of partiers so I need options) 3. Cost. Its not the most expensive resort but not the cheapest ~$330/night 4. Access to all Riu resorts. This may not seem like a big deal but I found it to be really useful when I went to Cancun before. Plus, I think RPLA is more for adults (although I do have two younger kids coming) so I would rather stay there. However, we can walk next door to hang out at Riu Cancun (where the club is). 5. The wedding package. I chose the Riu Royal wedding package, which is good for up to 50 guests. I'm not going to be very picky about extras at my wedding so this package has pretty much everything I need. 6. Beach wedding! I really want a wedding in the sand and this resort has that option. 7. No private reception. This isn't really a reason why I picked this resort, but I don't really care about a private reception so I didn't pick something else. So, those are my reasons. I'm excited for the wedding, but I'm also excited to hang out with my guests and just have a good time. And do a lot of this!
  12. Thanks! I'm probably going to send in a request today or tomorrow. I want to get the date set so I can start working on the STDs! I absolutely love passport STD idea!
  13. Yeah really, they should give you a discount! Del Sol does such beautiful work. I'm sure your pictures will be gorgeous! I need to just go ahead and book at RPLA. I keep looking at other places and I keep going back to them. I think that means I've pretty much made up my mind!
  14. Wow LBP, thank you so much for posting all that information. I wonder if they will allow a local photographer to come in and take pictures. I would really like to do that because I want TTD pictures. I'll have to ask. I don't see why it should be a big deal if you pay the $100 for the wedding pass. I really want a nice canvas picture and I'm just not sure if I'll be able to get that with the resort photog. If you have any information about the photographer please let me know. Thanks! Amy
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by cja1976 I wouldn't stress about it but I would get travel and wedding insurance. I got both so I wouldn't loss the deposit or anything from the wedding. The knot has so many recomendation for wedding insurance. My was about $ 300 and I used Wedding Cancellation and Liability Insurance online provided by WedSafe. Rather be save then sorry. Were you required to get the liability part by the hotel you stayed at?
  16. I did check out your review. Very thorough! Thank you for putting so much time into it, I love to read about all the details. That stinks that the beach wasn't better, that is a factor in which place I choose. Anyway, awesome pictures! I hope mine come out that good.
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by LBP Hi Ena, I'm actually 99% sure I will be booking at the Riu Cancun. I haven't been before but I've read good reviewsI have been to the Riu Ochos Rios Jamaica and was very satisifed in every department. Maybe we can share info as we begin to plan. I'm looking at end of November 2008. I just recieved pricing today. I would love to hear about any information you get. The only pricing I have right now is how much the different wedding packages cost. Assuming I decide to go with RPLA, and they have the dates available I need to get married, I will probably go with the Royal Wedding package.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by BeachBride82 I was married last month at the Riu Caribe (approx 10 min away from the Riu Cancun and Las Americas). The three hotels share one wedding planner, Lizette Sanchez. She is absolutely phenomenal and will do everything she can to make your day perfect! -Thank you for that information. I'm still looking through reviews, I haven't tried calling any hotels yet but I am still really leaning toward Riu Palace Las Americas. I'm glad the wedding planner is good. The Riu Caribe is the more laid back hotel of the three (older building--originally the Gran Caribe Real, bought by Riu Resorts in 2000, larger beach area, quiet hotel, incredibly friendly staff). It is slightly outside of the bar and restaurant strip (a $0.65 bus will take you there within 5-10 min), but very close to the ferry for Isla Mujeres. I had a beautiful beach ceremony (four post bamboo arch covered in hundreds of bright tropical flowers and tulle, an English-speaking officiant, a mariachi band, etc), a cocktail reception in the gazebo (champagne toasts and cake cutting), and an offsite dinner (sunset lobster cruise). -Do you have a post somewhere of your wedding and some pictures? The Riu Cancun and the Las Americas are both very beautiful. The Riu Cancun has a small dance club in the main level of the hotel. We didn't like the fact that the sun goes down quickly at the Riu Cancun, and there is a lot of shade on the beach by early afternoon. -Is that also an issue at RPLA? You will have a wonderful wedding at any of the three Riu resorts. Lizette will do a wonderful job!! One suggestion that I have is to bring your own photographer. We selected the package for 40 guests and ended up with two photographers--the hotel photographer (for 12 pictures--included in the package), and Citlalli Rico (phenomenal!). The hotel photographer pics are pretty basic (candids, colors and black and whites) and we're happy we brought in Citlalli! -Is Citlalli local to Cancun?
  19. I love your beach wedding! The pictures turned out so well, that is exactly why I want to have my wedding on the beach. I also love your bridesmaid dresses, I really like the color and the length. Did you enjoy the resort? The pictures of the water are so gorgeous that I'm considering staying there now! Is there much to do in the area?
  20. I'm also planning to get married in Cancun in September. I'm trying not to worry about hurricanes too much. I'm just getting travel insurance. I wouldn't change your plans or stress about it too much.
  21. I said 2, but I was just wondering what color are your bridesmaid dresses?
  22. If you need any ideas of where to get married in Cancun, there is tons of info here! Good luck!
  23. Quote: Originally Posted by Christa I've heard that caffeine intake can increase the liklihood of having cellulite or having a hard time getting rid of it. OMG! I drink Starbucks at least 2-3 times a week! Guess that's where mine is coming from. Plus I eat too much junk. Maybe I should join weight watchers? Humm, that could be my New Years Resolution...
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