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  1. Hi All, I leave on Fri for my wedding on Mon at MP. Lots of little details still to sort out--could barely sleep last night! But my question is about the airport transfer. I'm told it's $23 per person RT, but for a family of 5 that adds up and a cab would be cheaper. A friend of mine said that coming out of the airport is a bit chaotic and it's eaiser/safer to have the hotel transfer set up. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Yes, finally at the end of last week. She did answer all of my questions and said her email had not been working properly. I'll try not to worry since everyone says they operate like a well-oiled machine down there. Now that I have the important things confirmed (reception location, etc) I feel better. Thanks! Hope your planning continues smoothly.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by KLO Does anyone have Nancy as their WC? I was contacted by her about 1 month ago. We were in contact via email quite a bit until just recently... My fiance and I decided to upgrade our package and I have not heard from her since. Does anyone know if she's only assigned to certain package weddings I've been trying to request that she scedule my MOH's hair/makeup appt at the same time as mine. She had also emailed me all of the information and had asked that I inform her of my choices. I guess I'm just starting to worry being that we're only 1 1/2 months away from the date =( Hi, Nancy is my WC too and I can't get in touch with her either and my date is only 1 1/2 months away too. We don't have anything arranged! I'm starting to freak out. If I don't reach her today I'm going to demand another WC.
  4. I bought a dress for $90 that is beautiful! Really. But then I found another for $250 that I loved and got that one too. Ha! So now I have two wedding dresses. The one for $250 is a bridesmaid dress I'm ordering in ivory. Many bridesmaid dresses can be ordered in white or ivory and the are much, much cheaper than wedding dresses. Since the ceremony is outside, I didn't want a train so a simpler BM dress works great. Also, in case something happens to one dress (torn, stained, etc) I have a back up. My dress budge was $400 and I'm very happy to have 2 and be under budget! But my FI can't believe I bought 2.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I am pretty computer savvy and don't have too many so ink shouldn't be too much, but I will check. The clear labels are a good option if I can't get the envelopes to work in the printer. It's worth the possible aggravation to save the $! thanks again!
  6. Hi All, I'm thinking of ordering blank invitations and printing them myself at home (I have a good color printer). I'm sure others have done this--I'm wondering how difficult/complicated it is, especially the envelopes. I'm afraid to mess them up --it might be worth the $ to pay for them to be printed. Opinions?? Thanks!
  7. thanks for the comment re Moon Palace. I haven't been there and won't be able to visit before we go for the wedding, but everything I've heard and seen (photos) has been really positive. I'm excited!
  8. Thanks for responses! Glad you thought I was within my rights. I emailed them and got a new proof, but it's not clear that they are charging me for it. I don't think they are since I explained (nicely) how I felt about it. If they do charge--I'll definitely let you know! In the meantime, I'll say they were reasonable and helpful and waived the charge. On to the next thing! Need to work on our website now. Happy planning all!
  9. The extra fee for a new proof is $25. My entire original order was only $72 so an extra 25 is a big % increase.
  10. Hi All, I'm using My Personal Artist for my STD's and Invites. I just got proofs back of my STDs but they weren't exactly what I had written (e.g. missing our names from the return address, and a few other things) but they want to charge extra $ to see another proof! Their stuff is lovely and they seem helpful but at any other print company it is *their* job to get it right and proof--not yours. I'm disappointed w/ that policy. I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they is a way around it. The extra fee isn't a lot, but as you all know, everywhere you turn there are extra fees. Very annoying! I'm wondering, has anyone out there used MPA and gotten a correct proof the first time around? thanks!
  11. Hi, Anyone out there renting their dress? Someone suggested that to me, saying they had a friend who married in a beautiful rented dress. But I haven't found much info online. thanks!
  12. Thanks for the input---and the link to the other thread really helps! I'll have to think about it; I'll probably just be clear about it in the invite and then see who opts for what. If only a few decide to stay elsewhere we should be able to pay for it. Thanks!
  13. Hi All, If a guest opts not to stay at the resort you've booked for the wedding, does he/she pay for the day pass or should the bride and groom? And how do you communicate the arrangement to them? thanks!
  14. Hi All, I've got a question about payment w/ Moon. They want 50% 14 days after the contract is received and final payment 30 days prior to the ceremony. But it sounds like a lot of brides there make changes/add things when they meet w/ the WC there--just 3 days before the ceremony. I assume they just bill you the extras. So it seems safer to plan conservatively and then add things when you get there. Thoughts? Thanks!
  15. McCheng

    Very scared and sad :(

    Like everyone here, I'm very sorry. It is very difficult, but I've also seen people overcome their depression and get better, with the proper treatment. So don't lose hope.