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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jkcz0702 i was also wondering about fire dancers i saw on the list they sent with the orig pricing for the ceremonies they have dancers but I did not get prices. I think that would be neat for the welcome dinner. Just wanted to share the following info with you since you said you were interested in fire dancers as well. I contacted a guy by the name of Alberto who manages fire dancing shows. His email is laverdadllevaalbien@hotmail.com They have 2 types of shows... 10 person show with a live band that performs total for 50 minutes costs $750 dollars and there is a 5 person show with dancers only no live band and lasts 30 minutes for $500 dollars. I didn't really shop around... I read on another forum though that they were told they charged about $2000 for a 20 minute show so i figured this can't be that bad. No payment is needed until the day of. Just check with your resort to make sure they allow these fire dance shows. Hope that helps
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by allianne611 Awww...thanks! You don't even want to know how lucky I got on the dress. Yes, we did the religious ceremony, but they still have you sign a certificate with two witnesses, it's just not the legal paperwork. LOL. And the hair was the only hiccup in the day. Yes, I got my hair done there in the Akumal Spa (the Tulum side doesn't have a salon). It was awful. I mean AWFUL. I brought a picture similar to the final product in the pictures with 6 different angles. When I walked out I looked like she had smeared candle wax all over my head! LITERALLY. Luckily I had it done at 11 so I went home and washed it and one of my friends came to the rescue. She was amazing and did it in like 15 minutes! The lady in the spa couldn't speak english so there was no way of communicating with her. I definitely would recommend a practice round if you have them do it. I did see a girl the day before having hers done and it was a different stylist. She wore hers in curls half up and it looked really good, however I did see her at the end of the night and it looked like the curls were gone. It was SUPER windy and I'm soooo glad my hair was up and out of my face. And my sister did my makeup - so I got lucky there... Your pics are very beautiful! Congrats! I too will be doing a religious symbolic ceremony. Would you by any chance have a sample of your ceremony program or timeline of events for it? Anything you have of order of events for the ceremony would be helpful! I am trying to write my own program for it but Yuritzia my WC has not responded yet. THanks!
  3. Hey gals, Just wanted to say that I went to get the bags too! They are such a steal! I just couldn't refuse that sale! Now I will just have to figure out how to take them (40) down to mexico... hmm... hey any ideas on what you will fill them with? I fear the bags might be too big for all the little things I want to put in them... Do you guys think it will matter if the bag looks only 1/3 or 1/2 full... I know... silly question... but i had to ask...
  4. OOohhh.. one last question... did anyone consider/ask about the use of fire dancers for entertainment at the resort? I wanted to do something like this after our rehearsal dinner... I know some resorts restrict fire dancers... thanks again!
  5. Hey gals, Did any of you rent/use lounge furniture for your coctail hours/beach reception? I know my wc yuritzia had mentioned that she would give me vendor info but you all know wc's and how quick they are to get back to you, so i figured maybe one of you may have done it... thanks... oh.. also did any of you use their media equipment for like slideshow pics or anything like that to play during dinner? I was hoping to do that as well... Thanks gals
  6. Sorry I got sidetracked and didn't answer your question... When I asked the coordinator she said that they accept outside vendors but charge $90 for an adult day pass for those not staying at the resort. I know Tammara works with her husband so I will have to pay those fees for the both of them. Hope that helps.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by BeachyBlonde Quick Photog question. I'm planning to fly in my photographer to be there all weekend. Has anyone done this? Is the resort cool with it? Thanks in advance! Hey that is crazy... Well I will still be there on the 15th of November! Maybe we will see each other around... What part of chicago do you live in? I am a south sider. I live near Midway Airport... I am using a photographer that a friend from work recommended me. She lives out in Michigan and has an awesome package. She doesnt charge extra to fly down there. Here is her info. I totally loved her. She is awesome. Here is the info she emailed me ok... Price is $2995 "This is a total price, NO extra fees, NO travel fees. Our price includes ALL day wedding coverage. From getting ready until cake cutting, first dances and flower/garter toss. You will receive all of your photos on a high resolution photo CD or DVD and the "printing rights". You and your families & friends will have access from your CD/DVD to all of your images to be able to print any quantity and enlarge or crop any of the photos to your liking. We will also provide you with a wedding photos page on our website so you can easily share your photos with family and friends over the Internet. We always try to get as many photos as possible of the couple, family and guests so that no detail of the special day can be missed. There is no limit on the number of photos that we take; and you will also receive 100 photos in a small hard cover album. I am also offering my destination brides a "honeymoon photo shoot" on a day either before or after your wedding. My thought is this, you are in this beautiful place with the love of your life and while the wedding photos are amazing, it seems that couples might be a little more relaxed and able to be more at ease after the wedding. So if you do book us for your wedding we will do a "honeymoon" shoot, included in your package, if you would like. You are not under any obligation. So far everyone has been excited about it. We also offer after the wedding a variety of coffee table books and albums for an additional cost depending on what you would like us to design. If you decide that you want to use our services, we would need a retainer fee to lock in the price and date, because we block out an entire day for each wedding shoot the retainer fee is non-refundable. We can not hold a date until we receive the retainer fee & contract. Please let me know what you think and if you have any questions. Take Care, Tammara" Her retainer fee is $500 deposit that you can submit through a secure website and then she sends info on when to submit the rest. The following is her website. Check out her photos... she does a great job I think! Tamm’s Photos
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by MARIOLA Thanks rn81 ! I will let you know when I need contact info for that church...I saved you to my buddy list Sounds good! I have tons of info. I struggled trying to figure out requirements for a catholic ceremony down in mexico and finally talked to the secretaries at the rectory down there and got the info I needed. Like I said I have email addresses and phone numbers and street address. I also have a list of like two other churches down there... as a matter of fact... the following link shows some photos of some churches... let me know if you guys can see this or not ok. Good luck and Please contact me if you need info. All churches require the necessary documents at least 2-3 months prior to the wedding, keep that in mind ok! Ajua Weddings - Catholic Wedding, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Mexico This is a WC website but allows you to look for some info if needed. Click on the slideshow link on the website to see the pics... Good Luck
  9. Hey gals, I got married in court today! Yay! Totally exciting! It was a great decision... now I don't have to worry about the hassle down in Mexico! I definitely recommend all destination brides do this. Noone will know and its cheaper... for me it was $30 bucks for a license and $10 the day you get married for court fees or something... nothing can beat that! Well worth it I tell ya!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by bridetobe22 These are amazing. Thanks SO much for posting. I left work as soon as i read the post and went to 2 Targets and.....nothing. I am so bummed out but have my FI and Mom on a mission at a few other Targets. I did get the flip flop magnetic notepads that were in the $1 section. I thought they were cute too! ooh... flip flop magnetic pads... do you have any pics... I haven't seen those! Thanks
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Tlseege OK, bunches of questions today!! Martha, I brought CD's. If they play in a normal CD player they will work on their equipment. I didn't even ask about my Ipod. I figured if I lost a 30 cent CD I'd be much less heartbroken than my Ipod! As for the shuttle to Playa... it's possible. I'm not sure. However, you can always take the Collectivos. They are $2.50 each way and super fun and easy. That way you can come and go as you please rather than being on the hotel's schedule.That is true... Did you find that they drove by routinely? Also did they stop in front of the resort entrance or how far of a walk was the bus stop? I did not purchase wedding insurance, but we did purchase normal travel insurance and encouraged all of our guests to as well. Ok. I did the same but came across the topic of wedding insurance in my destination wedding book and thought i should bring the topic up. Thanks Plan B for the Akumal section isn't actually that nice Well, compared to the beautiful outside that is. It's the bar connected to the theater. It's all large glass windows and you can see the lush vegetation... but I'm not really sure how they'd set it up for a wedding. I'm sure when it has to be done it looks just fine For the reception, if you have paid for a private outdoor reception and it rains, you will be in Club Coba. Don't be confused, it's in the basement of the Akumal Lobby. it's basically like any normal indoor banquet hall, except that it's in the basement and has no natural light. I know exactly where you are talking about. Ok, well your right it isnt as beautiful as having it by the beach but hopefully i wont have to worry about it. As far as Club Coba I had read from another person on trip advisor that they had their reception there but by choice, so maybe it isnt that bad right? Well thanks Trisha. Hope all is going well with you.
  12. Hey Gals I just came across another question... Did any of you purchase wedding insurance? Do you recommend it or not? Also, Did you guys get to see the location for Plan B in case it rains outside for the ceremony and or reception outside by the pool? Particularly for those in akumal section?
  13. phew... cool thanks!
  14. Ok gals this is what I came up with last night... I added in some stuff from what you guys sent today. What do you think? Is it too wordy and repetitive? Miriam and Omar have chosen to conclude with the celebration of the Sand Ceremony. Through the exchange of vows and rings they have made an everlasting commitment to one another to share the rest of their lives together. By participating in this Sand Ceremony they are symbolically demonstrating their understanding of the union of their two separate lives as one and entrance into this inseparable union and eternal marital relationship. This covenant is a relationship pledge between two people who love each other heartily and who agree that they will commit themselves to one another throughout their lives. The two separate bottles of sand symbolize their lives as individuals. Each grain of sand represents each moment, decision and event that has shaped them as individuals so far. Far more important than their individuality is now the reality that they are no longer two but one, never to be separated one from the other. As they pour their sand from each bottle into the third, (Pouring of the sand into the bottle begins) their individual bottles no longer exist; the grains of sand are joined together as one. Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual bottles, so will be their marriage. The life that they each have experienced individually will now be inseparably united, for today two have become one. May this marriage be harmonious and blessed from this day forward without end.
  15. Thanks gals you are awesome... I will submit my final document for review shortly!
  16. Hey have any of you guys heard of a shuttle service operated by the resort that transports guests from bahia principe to playa del carmen for like $5 or something like that. I had read somewhere that they leave around 9:30 and return around 1:30 or something... not sure where though... anyone have specific route times and cost per person round trip? thanks
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieRN We will be there from Nov 5 through 13th. I am a nurse. I work in a medical ICU/ CCU in Pittsburgh. Most of the stuff for Mexico is done. I'm not getting crazy with decorations for Mexico. Just have to finish up my OOT bags. We should definitely meet up for a drink. That is cool! I work in Labor and Delivery in Chicago. Been doing so for 4 years now. Love it! I'm glad all of your planning is done. I think I am pretty much done too. I have a few DIY projects to complete and I haven't even started my OOT bags cuz I still don't have a final headcount. I know I have about 60 guests already so far though! Drinks sound fun! We will have to arrange a meeting place once we get closer to the date!
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieRN Hi! You are my date twin! We are getting married at Coba on November 7th. How cool! That is awesome! We will have to share some drinks afterwards huh! I will be there from November 3rd to November 17th. When are you arriving? How is your planning going? By the way are you a nurse too? If so that is a crazy coincidence!
  19. No kidding! I can't wait for the pics! I have yet to find a great deal on OOT bags!
  20. I am doing the run around on the day of my wedding in order to have a catholic ceremony! It will stink but it will satisfy my parents who are the ones really wanting me to do it... I will have a catholic wedding in the morning and then a beach symbolic or spiritual (non legal ceremony) in the evening. I figured this way we would all be happy! I know Dreams Tulum has a chapel onsite but I am not sure about the resort in cancun. The church I will be getting married at is in playa del carmen. It's Iglesia Nuestra Senora del Carmen. If you need contact info let me know ok.
  21. thanks i will keep hunting then! If I develop something I will totally submit for some review.
  22. Hi gals! I am having a symbolic/religious ceremony on the beach for my wedding and getting married legally in my hometown this monday as a matter of fact. I too am keeping it private, but I did it so that we wouldnt have to do all the requirements that Mexico has like blood tests, etc. I am saving about $600 bucks as well. It is less of a hassle I think>..
  23. I almost chose to get Married at Dreams Tulum resort and actually almost picked the date of November 8th too! It was such a hard decision! You chose a great place (Lucy 106) and (Tulum in December)!
  24. OMG! Melglnh2o... Beautiful pics... What ruins did you do your TTD photos at? I will have to ask my photographer to go there! Was it the Tulum or Coba Ruins?
  25. Thanks for the grand welcome! I have to agree with you guys it is addictive!! Good habit though not bad! My eyeballs will regret it in the morning though from being on the computer for so long! The planning is going good. I have most of my ideas jotted down... now to get them done is the challenge! Thanks gals! Looking forward to gaining some destination wedding knowledge from you all!
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