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  1. Hello brides!!! I am a January bride also (1/23/09)!!!! We are getting married at the Dreams Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I feel like I am behind in the planning compared to the rest of you! All of your stuff looks amazing!!!! Here is what I have so far: • wedding dress: MaggieSottero.com - Michelle - Dress Detail • shoes • party favors for reception in hometown • started purchasing stuff for OOT bags • booked resort/honeymoon • booked reception back home • hired photographer • working on invitations That's all I have so far. Still have lots to do. Reading everyone's progress is very motivating for me!
  2. I would like to hire an outside photographer, but simply can't afford it. So, we are looking into the onsite photographer. Has anyone used the photographer at Dreams PV before? If so, any reviews and pics would be appreciated! Thanks! Michelle
  3. Yes, I looked at their packages and we were thinking about doing the basic package (which is free) and then adding on a reception. I'm not sure what that will cost though. I emailed Gaby on Tuesday and haven't heard anything back yet. I am waiting to confirm that our date is available before we book. I'm wondering if I should call her or just wait....
  4. I spoke with a travel agent about booking a trip to PV in January and she gave me a quote but said that the special rates weren't out yet for 2009. She said if I waited about a month or so, they would be available and probably cheaper. Does anyone know what the special rates will be for 2009 or when they will be available? I am worried if I wait too long the rooms will be booked up. Any advice/suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Hey, my FI and I are looking into the Dreams PV for our wedding and were thinking about doing the free wedding and then adding on a reception. Does anyone know how much a reception add-on would cost? Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, and forums in general! I have been reading these forms for a few months and finally decided to join! My fiancee and I are planning a destination wedding in PV Jan. 2009, particularly looking at Dreams PV. I am excited to be here!
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