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  1. Thanks Helen! Where did you fly out of? That sounds a little high. I've been pricing flights and the flights we'd need (from Los Angeles and Detroit) were around $400-450
  2. What were your rates like for the Riu Vallarta? How many guests did you have and was there a discount given for rental volume?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by kr3611 We're getting married in October and prices keep going up and up....for those of you getting married in PV this year, have you already made your airline reservations? I don't want to wait until it's too late but can't see paying over $700 to fly direct from PHX. I found them for $414 - 1 stop at Cheap Flights, Cheap Hotels, Cheap Airfare, Airline Tickets, Travel Deals - SideStep the non-stop was $700
  4. At first we were debating on where to stay... We had thought about the Velas Vallarta because my parents have a time share there - but it would be expensive for our guests even with the group rate that the Velas Group Coordinator gave to us. But, then we called a travel agent we know and she recommended the Riu Vallarta as the best value for your dollar. I'm really trying to find something that can accomodate everyone's budget. The Riu Vallarta worked out to be so cheap! I'm thrilled, I think it'll work out just fine.
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    Velas Vallarta

    Quote: Originally Posted by edna We stayed one day there on February on our site visit, they offer a day pass and a hotel room for the day, the food and quality of the drinks/liquor is very very good, the best brands and the best quality. The service is awesome and the rooms are large and very comfy. Selma Vazquez is their Group Manager, are you working with her? Yes, I've spoken with Selma. She's arranged a group rate for us if we decide to stay there. It seems really nice but I'm worried about the cost for our guests. It's kinda pricey and ideally I don't want to exclude anyone because I picked a resort that was too expensive... and I'd like to stay in the same resort as everyone else.
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    Velas Vallarta

    Quote: Originally Posted by xandrafaye I stayed at Velas many moons ago when I was a teenager with my parents. I can't tell you much about the food or liquor, but the resort itself was beautiful! The lazy river was awesome & I remember the service being fantastic. (this all happened like 8 years ago so things may not still be the same!) Congrats on your engagement & welcome though! I'm sure somebody will help you with some better information than I have! Thanks for that! I'm leaning towards ditching this idea as I think it's too costly for our guests and the resort hasn't been cooperative so far.
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    Velas Vallarta

    Quote: Originally Posted by starchild Welcome, Lisa! I married at Las Caletas last June. We stayed at Dreams but several of our guests stayed at Velas Vallarta. We spent an afternoon there hanging with them. Happy planning! Thanks Starchild! That's great. My boyfriend is from Los Angeles as well. He moved to Canada last july. We go back to LA often and I LOVE carne asada too! lol
  8. Aaron and Lisa

    Velas Vallarta

    Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel Welcome. Lots of PV brides here as well as Las Caletas. I don't know anything about Velas though. Sorry. We stayed at the Barcelo. Thanks! I'm just concerned as it seems a little costly for what we'd be getting. I've been trying to negotiate with the resort to reduce the cost for the guests due to the volume of the booking. Not sure if they'll bite.
  9. I got an initial quote from The Wedding Lady... and it would have been pushing ten grand just for the ceremony and her fees... we hadn't even gotten to the reception part yet. We ended up deciding on Las Caletas as well. Very excited about that.
  10. Hi there... I am new. This is my first post/thread. My name is Lisa. My boyfriend Aaron and I are planning our wedding at Las Caletas on May 23, 2009. We are decided on the venue and have proceeded with reserving the date. But we are undecided on the resort. We are currently looking at the Velas Vallarta. Can anyone offer any insight? Have you stayed there? What did you think? Can you suggest anything in place of the Velas?