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  1. You gotta love a brown and turquoise color combo! They look great!
  2. kmsander04

    Vero Beach ceremony

    Hmmm, I think 70 people might be pushing it for the inside area. The contact person at Indian River Shores is Laura Aldrich. I forget her email offhand, but if you google Indian River Shores Town Hall, you'll find her under town clerk. The have a limited amount of tables and chairs that you can use inside. Unfortunately since we're planning on having everything outside we're bringing everything in from a rental company, but at least I won't have to worry about setting everything up and taking it down. Hope this helps! If you want to see pictures of the place email me at kmsander04 at yahoo dot com.
  3. kmsander04

    Vero Beach ceremony

    Our reception is at the Indian River Shores Town Hall. the actual reception will be outside under the trees, but if it rains, the inside area will set set up. The hall also has a pretty big back porch so that's where the wedding party would actually stand for the ceremony and then the guests would probably just sit at their tables. Not what I've envisioned, but it'll work if it ends up raining.
  4. Have you looked at the Astrobrights Glisten line of paper? I'm using the lunar blue astrobrights glisten and it's very close to your color. I bought mine at anchor paper
  5. kmsander04

    Vero Beach ceremony

    Thanks for the suggestions! Treasure shores is actually one of the places that we were thinking of having the ceremony. It's pretty close to our reception location. Most of our guests will be from out of town, so I would feel bad about asking them to set up the chairs and such. Anyway thanks again!
  6. kmsander04

    Vero Beach ceremony

    Thanks anyway! Vero beach is a great place. The beach is great and it's pretty quiet so I'm really happy living here!
  7. kmsander04

    Vero Beach ceremony

    I'm looking for recommendations for beach wedding ceremony services in Vero Beach, FL. We want to keep it pretty simple with only 50 people and only want chairs and minimal decorations. Basically I just want a company that will set up, decorate, and tear down so I won't have to worry about it. Alot of the companies that I've seen have packages that won't work for me. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  8. Wow they turned out great! I'm part way through my DIY boarding pass STDs and have seen how beautifully those from Sarah have turned out . . . but I really feel proud of the ones I have done so far. Good job!
  9. kmsander04

    So excited!

    Thanks for all of the support! Hopefully I'll post some pictures soon!
  10. I really couldn't find any clip art that I liked . . . so I played around with dingbats from dafont.com. The palm tree image that I'm used is from the plants font and is the !. I've fond the other font I've attached very helpful as well.
  11. I love your bridesmaid dresses . . . they are so fun! I'm having my bridesmaids going barefoot on the beach as well and then I got them awesome silver leather flip flops at Gap as part of the BM gifts
  12. They look great! I think we're using the same color blue. I really like your boarding pass jacket . . . I don't think I've seen any like that!
  13. kmsander04

    So excited!

    Hi everyone! I'm Kristen and a newbie that discovered this forum through the knot.com. I'm getting married on May 2, 2009 in Vero Beach, FL. It's not your usual destination wedding because I actually live there. However, all but two of my wedding guests will be flying in so it's a destination wedding for them! I look forward to sharing my ideas because I plan on DIYing a lot of things for the wedding.