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  1. Lisa you are so considerate of others! I did not know you was on this board also. How are you doing? I heard the GTG was awesome.
  2. I love the dress and happy birthday! Your daughter looks like your sister you do not look a day over 21 yrs old :-)
  3. tnt506


    I too am getting married at Moon Palace. I can definitely relate to your concerns. I am trying to relaxe, but it is hard. I have faith that it will all work out. Good luck and congrats!
  4. Congratulations!! and welcome to the forum.
  5. Congrats !!!! I can't wait to join you ladies on the other side...full member and senior member area :-)
  6. tnt506


    welcome to the site!! Happy planning!
  7. welcome to the site!! Happy planning!
  8. welcome to the site!! Happy planning!
  9. Thank you so much! I will make sure I write this down and take with me to the store.
  10. I think everyone has given you good advise so far. The one thing I would suggest to you is to maybe consider changing your date and go during the off season. There is a big difference in the price most of the time. In Mexico the off season begins in May. Unfortunately, we did not have that option because I had the STD completed before we had booked any resorts. -- Just a little FYI --
  11. hey ladies.... I just started dress shopping today. While I was trying on different dresses I started to think about the material and whether the material will be too hot for Cancun in April. Does anyone have any suggests for the better type of materials or what I should avoid?
  12. This is a wonderful idea. I am getting married at Moon Palace in Cancun and I am getting a little nervous. I want to make sure everything is just right. Any suggestions or previous experience with this resort would be greatly appreciated!
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    Good Morning!

    Good Morning All! My name is Tosha and I just joined the site after hearing wonderful raves about how helpful the ladies are here. My wedding date is April 4, 2009. We are having a DW in Cancun, Mexico at Moon Palace. I look forward to talking with you all very soon. (I have to go to work right now) Take care!
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