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  1. One more thing that may be the reason my experience is so different than Sylvia's is that we are doing a high-noon mass (for cultural reasons)- and they always have a mass at that time. So for example, it's not "private" just for my family. It's the time when the whole town comes to mass on Saturday and they ring the bells, etc. I don't know how much this changed our experience with the cathedral. We wanted a public mass (cultural thing for us) but we also wanted it to be personal and friendly in feel and more modern- (we are Jesuit). So I think it was hard dealing with it there because they are wishy washy about stuff and very old school and strict about everything. The only way we got around it was bringing our own Priest who is younger and more progressive. The wishy washy thing is hard for me (lawyer here)- I need stuff in writing and confirmed or I start to flip out. lol. But I know culturally people are much more laid back and everything there about contracts and details. I feel like without our Priest and without precious Nicole at Las Caletas (my reception site) it would have been really stressful. They made all the difference thus far. So make sure you have a good team helping you out! :-) I have the phone number for the Sacristan as well if you need it. I think because I "lurk" on this site and don't post enough it won't let me upload the info I have on the church, etc. There is a points thing here that I'm not familiar with! But I am happy to email it to you. A while ago Jess gave me a "cupcake" on here and I couldn't even give her one back!! Sending cupcakes to both of you in my heart! Ha! Jess- we're almost there! YAY!! Also Meghan- after the wedding I can give you a better review/advice as I will be all done and can share my experience afterwards. But this is what I have found thus far! (the church was rude to Nicole at Caletas too!- and if you ever met her you'd know something was terribly wrong because she is a DOLL. Just an angel. Really).
  2. I am getting married at the cathedral in 2 weeks, and yes-it CAN be a nightmare. Our family priest is actually a good friend of the bishop in Jalisco AND went to seminary under Fr. Esteban Salazar (the Priest at the cathedral in PV). Here is all I can say- I have heard 3 different priests who know him call him words that are not exactly typically spoken by priests. Catch my drift? There is a major power trip going on in that place- it gets very political and goes years back. I can explain by phone for or something if you are interested- PM me. Anyway what I am doing and what I suggest is to bring in your own priest. Our family priest is marrying us in the cathedral so that the mass and everything goes exactly the way that we want it. There is another girl someplace in here who was kind enough to post a video of her wedding at the cathedral and a review of what a nightmare it was. I watched it and had a mini-panic attack. Especially since she is a spanish speaker and still had so much trouble. I also had family members (my mom's side is from the area) physically go to the church to work stuff out and still, it was a mess. As everyone else in the church is saying- why make it hard for good catholics to do things "right". Ya know? I mean, do you WANT us to get married on the beach? Sheesh! Anyway- all is well now but it took a lot of hard work. Even if you get all the papers done through the cathedral and everything is confirmed, Fr. Esteban is NOT nice- have you talked to him over the phone? He's worse in person. And I talked to him on a "good" day. So anyway- even if everything is set up you still won't get a mass done how you want in terms of readings, and flow and especially AMBIANCE. You MUST watch videos of weddings there done by him!! So my advice would be to 1) check all paperwork well and 2) bring your own priest. There are other catholic churches in PV, but we had out hearts set on the cathedral. My parents got married there as well, and the same group of priests will be there and are family friends. So if you want the big cathedral wedding in PV, I would highly recommend fighting for it since its YOUR day- but be prepared for a battle and really think hard about bringing your priest. haha- the "rehearsal" time slot reservation was a battle too! - another story for another day!! Oh yeah- also helps to work with those who work in the church but arent part of the clergy- like the Sacristan. PM me if you need any help!! Sorry so choppy- on the subway at the moment.
  3. Do you mind posting those links of the vids that you mention the Caletas videographers have done? I'd love to see some examples!
  4. Check out Ztai if you're into a more upscale "south beach" type and less "spring break" feel. The website is ZTAI RESTAURANT, LOUNGE AND GARDEN, PUERTO VALLARTA That's where we're headed out with friends when we're in town before the wedding stuff takes place.
  5. The Westin resort quoted me US 320.00 for a nice bus with air conditioning and for 40 persons round trip Hotel - Church - Hotel. That is for a ride to the big old Cathedral downtown, and then back to the hotel after the wedding ceremony.
  6. Hi there! Here is the quote we got for brunch at Arecifes on the beach at the Westin resort (the restauant with the wooden beach loungers that you see in the website pics): It has abouth 4 differente juices, 4 differente kind of fresh fruit, sweet rolls, milk, all brand, cereals, Ommelette station, hot cakes, cheese, ham, salmon, chicken, Chilaquiles, beef tenderloin tips Mexican stayle, and Mimosas. Cost reserving an area for your guest US 23.00 per person tax and tip included. Hope that helps you!
  7. Hey there! We ate there last November after three different people highly recommended it. I mean, it seemed like everyone was talking about the place! I think it was a combination of having our expectations brought up and having a really bad waiter- because we actually didn't love it. Don't get me wrong- the food was good, but not great. Some stuff we tried seemed like it was a good idea that was executed all wrong. Especially for the price. The ambiance wasn't quite what we expected either, and to me the location wasn't ideal. We were checking it out for our rehearsal dinner and it was the last place we tried. Before trying Epoca we tried Trio, La Palapa and Cafe de Artistes. I must say that it didn't compare in our opinion to any of the above. But I really need to say that EVERYONE we talked to HIGHLY recommended it- we were getting reviews that it was people's favorite place, and that it was incredible. So we actually left thinking that we had an off-night experience there. I would recommend trying it if you can or looking for reviews on sites like Travelocity. Our wedding coordinator in Vallarta was shocked that we didn't love it... so it was probably a fluke. ?? Good luck! Carolyn
  8. Did you get my PM back on this topic? I think you can definitely talk them down at least $40 more. Also, try to get the rate in pesos if you can! Who did you use to get the quote? Did you call the actual hotel or the 800 number for Westin in general? I read that someone else had luck using Expedia too! Keep me posted!
  9. Hi guys- The planning is coming along slowly but surely. This forum really helps a lot!! Thank you to everyone who posts here! I chose the area because I have lots of family there too- so that is handy! =) I have to be honest though, the ticker you both have counting down to the day gives me total anxiety! =) I can't believe it's coming so soon! Ahhhhh! =)
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by verh0016 Does your mom have any good contacts or info. on group transportation? We need to get 75 people to a welcome dinner away from the resort and I think a bus or two would be better then 20 taxi cabs! Have you asked the hotel you staying at? Most have charter buses you can rent at a nominal fee. They contract this stuff all the time. It's just regular business. I would call your hotel and get a quote and reserve through them. Plus this way I would feel a little more secure than contacting a random company myself. Good luck! Carolyn
  11. Hi Becca, I'm not planning to marry there but I am pretty sure that's where our guests will be staying. We're still wrestling with the hotel for the room rates we want. =) John and I went EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYWHERE looking at the hotels this past November and we really liked the Westin best for a whole host of reasons. It's gorgeous for one, new and shiny and clean, practically empty so the place will be all yours (unlike the Marriot next door which is a mad house of golphers/corporate types plus W is more modern and newer), has the best pool in the Marina in my opinion, etc. etc. I could go on forever..... =) But yeah, we're just trying to get everything locked in at the rates we want and in pesos since the value of the dollar is sadlt declining. =( I am sure if you choose the Westin your wedding will be fabulous! It's a gorgeous resort. Really! Congratulations on the wedding and good luck planning! Carolyn
  12. I have a friend who chose the Villa Premiere because it's small and they could rent the entire place. Also, it's right next door to the Buenaventura which is AWESOME for the price. Not as fancy as the VP but a real bang for your buck and right downtown... walking distance to the Malecon, etc. =)
  13. Hi Jess and Mary! I am a date twin too! =) Nice to meet you both! Maybe we'll run into each other on our wedding weekends! Yay!
  14. Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to all the brides who have posted helpful tips on this site. Your help is appreciated! I'm so excited to marry my best friend, John, this coming fall. Our wedding website is carolynandjohn.com Check it out! =)
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