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  1. Posting some photos would be really great to see.
  2. I am debating between off-site or on resort, my concerns is about the people watching
  3. I believe there recently has been a change at the Occidental and they will be a adult only resort
  4. My preference is for adults only, but i do have friends that have young kids. It was helpful to hear about the secrets experience as it is something I will have to keep in mine for guest who would be coming solo
  5. Was it hard to make the decision to get married in a resort that was adults only ? I know that I have some friend that have young kids
  6. My friend got married in Jamaica and she did the legal paper work in Jamaica and then submitted to the states when she returned
  7. I was in a wedding where we stayed at the resort and it was beautiful. The bride actually had the wedding off resort but the beach wedding I saw were nice
  8. I am thinking about costa rica as well
  9. One caution I would make is that if you invite these additional people to the wedding, then you will need to have some process in place to ensure that they do not follow to the reception. Maybe you will have to have someone to sign guest in.
  10. What made you select that location vs.. the beach? Just curious.. it is the best of both worlds.. garden/destination
  11. Do you have any photos of the ceremony decorations?
  12. I do not have access to facebook, but i am sure your pictures are great. it was a great review.
  13. did you have any examples of Michaels work prior to you choosing to go with the resort photographer?
  14. Great review. the idea of a coctail hours seems to be a great idea
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