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  1. I like your concept, I think the tequila bottles are cute. The first one looks best since it has some contrast and a couple of colors to add interest. However, I would splurge a little and get real flowers. For 8 tables you only need 2 dozen flowers. (3 each vase) Always use odd numbers in design...3 or 5..... you could easily get gerber daisys or roses and shouldn't be too much money for 2 dozen? I would use real rose petals too...again not that much money for 8 tables and will add a lot to your décor. Good luck!
  2. Your dress is gorgeous, I wouldn't change it. Very unique, it looks lightweight so I don't see a problem wearing it on the beach! I'm also getting married on the beach and found a lightweight lace dress and I love it.......you need to wear what you feel beautiful in!
  3. I need to find hair and makeup vendors and possibly a florist. Any recommendations?
  4. sorry I just saw this...I don't come in here as much now that I'm getting married at home instead of the Bahamas...I a have a LOT of planning information and vendors for Nassau in my planning bio, check out the link below
  5. Hey Fanny! There's a grocery store on the way from the airport called "City Market" it's brand new and has most anything you would want ....the cabbies will stop on the way from the airport to where every if you ask them too...they will even wait.....it's on West Bay Street.....close to Sandals resort......I go there all the time because it's within walking distance to my condo... happy to help, nice to see you! Elissa
  6. This used to be a Holiday Inn....it doesn't get very good reviews on Tripadvisor but I would check it out for yourself....
  7. Here's a link to a list of planners for Nassau.... http://www.bahamas.com/bahamas/exper...=42696&level=2 You can get to their websites from there....I haven't booked one yet....
  8. Eleuthra is beautiful, I highly recommend it! The sand there is PINK and like sugar...I've never seen anything like it, the most beautiful beach I've ever seen! Go if you ever get the chance!
  9. I always go in June or October so I'm no help, but check this website, it should have the information you are looking for: Weather in The Bahamas in January | bahamas-guide.info
  10. Atlantis is too big and touristy for me. It's so expensive! To me really, it's just a waste of money! There are other places just as nice......I'm sure the weddings there are beautiful, but I prefer some place more intimate....Compass Point here I come......LOL....
  11. Is this a new hotel or one that was something else before? I'm not familiar with it....guess I need to go google it....
  12. The only one I've contacted so far is Anna Fox... Annas Wedding Pllanning Service - Nassau, Bahamas - Home Page I'm going to meet with her in October.......she has some pretty reasonable packages on her website.......
  13. Yes, Debbi do tell! I'm interested in looking at the Sheraton, it's a beautiful resort! I'm afraid it might be to busy though!
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