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  1. the Umbra Canada website ships within canada, approx $30 including shipping! ether family - Umbra Store - Manufacturer of Houseware Designs
  2. I ordered from the Umbra Canada Web site and they ship within Canada, Approx $30 including shipping. I can't wait to get it! ether family - Umbra Store - Manufacturer of Houseware Designs
  3. I need help convincing my FH that he should wear a beige linen suit and the groomsmen should be in Khaki's and a white linen shirt. He is set on suits and if it is really what he wants that is fine with me but I think he should atleast see what it would look like like to have a beach wedding party in beige. Anyone have pics of a wedding party that is wearing khaki? Thanks!
  4. Welcome! We are getting married at the Barcelo, we arrive 6,13,09
  5. Hi there I am having my wedding at the Barcelo maya Tropical June 2009. This link has lots of info on the wedding packages and such Weddings | UNOFFICIAL BARCELO MAYA
  6. I am having the same thing, ceremony at one (because we are going off site for photos afterwards) and reception later. I think we are just going to release everyone. I went to a wedding in the Dominican last year and they did the same thing and it was nice to be able to go for a swim, or a nap before the reception
  7. Hi! I concur it is a great choice, we picked the Barcelo Maya Tropical but it was a tough choice between the Tropical and the Palace! I know someone who just got back from the Barcelo recently and LOVED it. My only problem is that the wedding coordinators take a few weeks to respond to you so if you have any questions start e-mailing them now! Have you checked out UNOFFICIAL BARCELO MAYA | Your unofficial guide to Beach | Caribe | Tropical | Colonial | Palace It is a great site with lots of info
  8. Sounds like a wonderful wedding! I am considering getting married at that resort as well and I was wondering if you could tell me how much your photographer cost minus the over night stay? I e-mailed her awhile ago but haven't heard back. Also, did you find the beach area where they had the wedding to be more on the rocky side than the rest of the beach area? Did you get to choose the area of the beach?
  9. Just wanted to say hello! I am getting married in the Mayan next June and I am so excited! I am working on picking a resort right now so far I am debating between the Iberostar and the Barcelo Maya....it is so tough!
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