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  1. I just got married there last june 26. The resort itself was beautiful and the wedding coordinator (Mariel Camara was awesome). However, it rained the whole day that day so they have to move everything indoor. Plan B sucks, and it really sucked that we paid to use the gazebo for a Catholic ceremony since it's usually never allowed. I hope it doesn't happened to any other brides. Just make sure you have the back-up plan all set and everything to your liking. We didn't see the back up room until we have to begin the ceremony. They pretty much just moved everything that you paid for indoors and not compensate or anything for the view that you lost.
  2. Yeah don't worry about the reviews...as long as more positives than the negative ones....sheesh people just expect too much...are they forgetting that what they pay for is half goes to airfare and taxes and yet people expect 4 seasons service which is $500 a night, the cheapest room...no food and drinks. Plus,it's what you make of the situation. LAWS OF ATTRACTION
  3. thanks all all your posts ladies....im doing the whole catholic ceremony@ the marriott. I ask for an english speaking priest since i want some of my attendees to ready the bible readings...i hope it works out because it's all based on availability. Was it windy Anna?
  4. im getting married at the marriott in june...was it too windy for you? i know Dreams gazebo can be too windy
  5. thanks for those tips...i am getting married at the marriott gazebo but we are flying in our photog...so he doesnt have a clue of the venue
  6. spammie76

    Dreams Cancun Wedding Review

    thanks for the great review...and congratulations! you think i can pay $12pp to arrange a dinner in one of the restaurants...since i'm doing my ceremony somewhere else
  7. Thanks Ladies for all your input....i guess weddings whether homebased or destination is still a money making industry...i wonder if they will say the same thing for a 50th birthday bash? hehehe for sure i will call around for some local restaurants
  8. spammie76

    Mexico Catholic wedding

    Hello Sophie! I picked the Gazebo at the Mariott in Cancun for two reasons: 1) only beachfront gazebo that is consecrated to be an altar=real destination wedding feel 2)their package is pretty decent for what you get than doing it a' la carte with a seperate wedding coordinator and all the other services I hope that helps you out making your choice! Happy Planning!
  9. Hello Ana-Maria! I see you're from Vancouver. We did our marriage prep 3-saturday classes at St. Patrick's Church. It was informative, someday fun, someday boring...hehehe. Overall, it's a positive thing for us. WE are doing Dreams too but Cancun. How did you arrange your reception back at the resort? I need advice on that one. I am wondering as well...are you doing your civil wedding before mexico? We have that dilemma right now. Let me know what you and your fiance are planning. Thanks! -p-
  10. Hello Everyone! I need some creative advice regarding an off-site ceremony then back-at-the-resort reception specifically Dreams Cancun. How can I make my reception as cost effective as possible since I am also spending an arm and a leg for a ceremony somewhere else? I just want a simple but private dinner party for us newlyweds and my attendees? Maybe in one of the restaurants but they don't take revervations. Dreams quoted me $42/pp+10%tax+15%grat. This is a little too much to pay for 32 ppl considering we are all going AI. I'm stressed! -P-
  11. spammie76

    Can't Wait

    Hello Everyone! I am sooo happy to stumble upon this website. I've been reading the posts even when I was limited to what I can do after I registered. I am Pamela from Vancouver, BC. I am getting married on June 26,2008 at the Casa Magna Mariott Gazebo for a Catholic Ceremony. We are staying in Dreams Cancun and also having the reception there. I need feedback and ideas to make my wedding day as memorable but cost effective. Can't Wait. cheers, Pamela