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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 Congrats Shannon! Does anyone know if the WC does the official introduction of "mr. and mrs. ..." at the reception? Or does the dj or a guest do it? Yes they do the introduction at the very end of the ceremony
  2. Starlitk your pictures are beautiful! You were absolutely glowing and SUCH a gorgeous bride. You're sashes looked very similar to mine!!! Congratulations!
  3. Hey Chantal, glad you enjoyed MTM! We too thought they were fantastic! I could watch the slideshow over and over and over again! Your pictures are stunning!!! Congratulations!
  4. WOW!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos...they really are amazing!!! Really like the boudoir shots too!! What a great idea! I'm sure your hubby will just love them! CONGRATULATIONS!
  5. Hey Starlitk! Welcome back to you and all of the recent brides! Wishing your experience was better but it really is like a wedding factory sometimes from what we observed too! We were fortunate in the sense that our wedding was the only one that day. You looked beautiful and you haif looked great...did you end up using some of the sample pics I sent you??
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by jerzygirl85 hi everyone...i ordered my wedding dress a few weeks ago and am now wondering what type of shoes, if any, should I wear. My ceremony and reception will both be on the beach as of now so I'm not sure if I should wear heels. What are you ladies doing? Going barefoot, heels or barefoot sandals? We had both our ceremony and reception on the beach and I wore a wedge flip flop (about 2 1/2") with jewels and beading around the thong part and had no problems walking on the beach. Also, just wanted to let you guys know if you are interedted in doing Thank you Postcards as your thank you cards I have a great website to check out and once ours are complete, hopefully I can figure out a way to post it?!?!?!
  7. YAY!!!! Congratulations you you and your new hubby!!! You're pictures are beautiful!!!!! Everything looked fantastic!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Lindz Hi girls! The time is almost here! I had a few questions for some of the most recent brides... I emailed Natalia who is doing our wedding and she said that the cost to have a speaker ipod set up is $220 USD....is that what some of you paid?! Thats so much! Also, she quoted me at $90USD to bring a photographer or the day, wasn't it $50USD? Just checking to see if I have any room to bargin! Thanks for your help! I think if the photographrs are staying to eat then yes, it's $90 but if they are not then they only need the half day pass which is $55. We paid $200 or $220 for our set up as well.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by starlitk Hi everyone! I have a few questions about paper lanterns. We are planning to use the really helpful post I found on BDW http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t37079 to DIY our paper lanterns for the reception. I can't decide how many we think we'll need. We don't know whether we are going to get the Seaside Grill or the beach for our reception until 2 weeks before the wedding (ugh), so we'll need to be prepared for either. So, do any former brides know how many paper lanterns you used to decorate either a Seaside Grill or beach reception? If so, can you direct me to any pictures you have? Has anyone strung Christmas lights around, also? If so, how many did you bring, and where did you use them? For decorating a beach reception, I've seen pictures of other receptions that have used paper lanterns them by stringing them between large poles (you can see some at a DT wedding here: Craig Wolfrom :: Wedding Photography :: Idaho, California, Mexico, and Beyond: January 2009). Does anyone know anything about these poles? Are they already set up, or would we have to set those poles up? Is this a certain part of the beach that I would need to request in order to get this? Any help you have would be great! Thanks! We had our reception on the beach and I think we used about 16 or 18 smaller lanterns. They were strung b/w 3 palm trees with the tables around the outside and the centre for dancing. It was quite windy when we got married so they were blowing all over the place but none the less looked fantastic! Some of the palm trees already have the rope lighting around them...or at least the ones on the beach near the seaside grill did so we did not need to bring any extra. I shared the lanterns with Teesha and their reception was in the seaside grill and I think they had enough. Hope that helps!
  10. Weird, I think ( if I can remember correctly) I had yellow calla lillies in my bouquet...I guess they must have been painted? Didn't even know!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by BellaBeachBabe Hey everyone, I just got my price quotes from my TA and I am a little shocked a what she came up with. Apparently she states that it will cost $2800 per person (based onndbl occ.) and $1600 for children...I have looked on websites like "expedia" and for the same week in 2009 a year before my wedding, they have quoted 1500 includung tax. Now this was before the swine flu pandemic so it had no role on the price. Out of curiosity, how much are your TA'S quotes My guests will definately not want to attend at close to $3000 a person..... I'm so confused...... We paid $1405 taxes included last June when we booked for our wedding in April. We flew Sunwing out of Toronto. If you want to PM me I can send you my TA contact info, she works for Bel Air Travel in Toronto. You were definitely quoted crazy high prices!!!!!
  12. maybe check with Teesha too about the calla lillies..her BMs had 3 or 4 and I think her bouquet was calla lillies as well.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by jmb0902 I can't find this anywhere really---how far in advance can you let them know where you want the reception? I'm worried about other brides wanting the same one... You really don't need to mention it to them until you fill out the forms they send you about 1 month prior to the wedding. It is very flixible to change your mind once you get there also...try not to worry about it too much. Do you have something particular in mind?
  14. If it's any help, we surved the Surf & Turf and it was fantastic! Since we got married on good friday we had 3 guests that don't eat meat (well anthing except fish) and they were able to substitute it for the salmon.