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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by CantWait! Bernie... Where in Chicago do you live? We're in the west loop! To answer your question, we're just going to the courthouse to get the marriage license, but not doing the ceremony with the JOP. Our ceremony will be in Mexico, so we'll sign the license ourselves once we get back from Mexico and have a reception here in Chicago. This is where it gets really technical and legal...thank goodness FI is an attorney and can talk to some judges about all this....frankly, I'm still confused. But the best way I can describe it is that as long as you both believe that you're getting married when you get the license, and you both believe you're married after the ceremony (wherever the "pomp and circumstance" happens), you are legally viewed as married in the eyes of the courts. For some reason, my FI doesn't like the idea of having the JOP do any kind of ceremony at the courthouse. If we can get a judge friend of his to do it in an intimate setting, not with a bunch of other brides/grooms in a room, we'll do that. Otherwise, we're skipping that part and signing the license ourselves when we return. It's complicated, but FI is certain we can do this and everything will be fine. It's too confusing to me and I've probably butchered the details trying to describe it here. But my understanding about bringing the license to the resort...at Moon Palace, you do have to bring it. I think because the ceremony -- if you're not doing the civil ceremony -- is seen as a vow renewal. So I guess they want proof that you're already married before they'll do the symbolic/catholic ceremony. Hello can't wait, Thanks for your quick reply. I'm from the far south side of chicago. Thanks for the clarification, but I had one last question. So when you go to get your marriage license the clerk gives you a blank form? They dont ask you where you are getting married? So you will just bring the blank from to Mexico then fill it out when you return to Chicago? Then you will file it. sorry if I'm a little confused still. Hope to hear from you soon.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by CantWait! Cabobride and Bernie... Check your resorts requirements, but for our resort's symbolic ceremony, you have to bring your marriage license. I'm not sure about signing anything there since legally you're not "getting married" there. The technicalities as I understand them, may be different by state. We live in Chicago and plan to get our marriage license before we leave, but not actually having a ceremony until we get to Cancun. My fi has been looking into this and apparently, after you get your marriage license (at least in Illinois), and you profess to being married in front of witnesses in the same location/state/city as the courthouse where you obtained the marriage license, you are technically married. I was worried about the marriage not being legal if we did it this way, but apparently, it's okay. He and I would sign in the marriage license instead of an officiant. It sounds weird to me but he's been doing a lot research on this. If anyone's heard anything different, please speak up! I don't want to find out years from now that it's not legal! Thanks can't wait!! I'm also from chicago, so when you get your marriage license-you will do the whole justice of the peace thing and then sign your own papers? I'm still waiting to hear from the WC if we have to bring the actual certificate to Mexico before they will do the catholic ceremony. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Hello there everyone...I just had a question regarding all this legal stuff. I'm having a catholic symbolic wedding in Mexico. For those of you that are already married, did you bring your legal papers there. Also do you sign anything with the priest after the ceremony?
  4. Thanks so much mkdela!!! I'm going to asked the WC if I need to bring the wedding certificate with us as well. Thanks mjm for the advice on making copies of all the documents. I would be a nervous wreck too if that would happen to me.
  5. thanks mkdela!! So you also got married legally before you went to Mexico?
  6. Hello there everyone....Unfortunately I will not be a dreams tulum bride any longer. We switched resorts due to more people than expected and the tulum chapel is too small. thanks for all the advice!!!
  7. thanks so much maura. I had another question- did you have to send all the paperwork to mexico or did the priest do all of that.
  8. Are there any Iberostar brides out there? Do you need to show a marriage certificate?
  9. thanks so much!!! I'm actually meeting with the parish priest today. What type of questions would I have to ask him? BTW I'm also from chicago-did the diocese give you a hard time
  10. Hello there mkdela. I'm getting married in March 2009 at Iberostar del Mar. So, if I get legally married in the states and have the catholic religious ceremony in the resort's chapel will my marriage be recognized in the eyes of the catholic church?
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by lynnmichelle Bernie, I have pictures of the chapel at Dreams Tulum in case you need them. Thanks Lynn. I originally wanted it at Dream Tulum but the chapel was too small. Do you know how many people fit in the chapel at IB del mar? If you have pix of IB that would be great
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by Allaballa Stina168 the disco is ridiculously cheesy. Its a starwars theme with life sized Yodas and everything. We rented out the Tropical but they shut you down at about 10:30-11 pm so we headed to the disco for some after partying and had an AWESOME time, but I'm not sure I would want my entire wedding reception there.....My hubby who is a major starwars fan was even amazed at the cheesiness. The tropical restaurant is quite nice, if you want to see pics go to adamandalla.com and there are a TON under the guest's photo section. Lynnmichelle, I must be confused, but I thought the Aqua bar was in front of the Tropical Restaurant and it was outdoors. We had our coctail hour at what I thought was the Aqua bar and it was great. hello there Allaballa, I was thinking about changing my site from Dreams Tulum to IB Del Mar. The pix of the resort are beautiful. Did you have your wedding on the beach or chapel? Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated. not many IB brides on this forum.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Betsy You CAN have a catholic ceremony at Moon Palace. We actually flew our priest down but we met with the priest at the Moon Palace to finalize our documents as well. I believe it is $800 for the catholic wedding and the gazebo is absolutely beautiful. We didn't have a full mass (no communion) and I honestly don't know if they allow that. The MP is huge but we never had any problem - we would run into everyone at the pool all the time. It was kind of nice too b/c we were able to have some alone time. We just met up with everyone for dinner. Hello I just had a coiple questions re: catholic wedding. So the wedding is held at the gazebo not in a chapel? The priest at MP-does he speak English?
  14. Did any of you have a catholic ceremony at Tulum??
  15. Thanks Amy! All the photos during the slide show were beautiful so i guess you just hope for the best. Your big day is fast approaching. Are you getting excited? i would be so nervous but excited!!