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  1. I am feeling the same way about the bust area! just remind yourself that the tailors are professional and will make you look awesome!
  2. jcoe34

    how to find a DJ for DW?

    At my hotel i am using their "preferred" dj. i think i will have a list of songs that i want included and a "do not play" list. Ask the WC at your hotel who they use, hope this helps!
  3. I'm not sure how many you have to make but there are kits that teach you how to do it yourself. I used to do it when I was younger, really easy.
  4. jcoe34

    "beachy" music

    I love that "is this love" one of my friends did it and it was really cute!
  5. Hello Everyone, Has anyone done a tasting at Le Meridien? I saw a couple reviews online saying there food was no bueno. I am seriously considering this hotel and would like your input, thanks!
  6. jcoe34

    BeneFit Burned my Face!!!

    That is so crazy, i think the wax was too hot! That happened to a girl i work with and she said she's been going to the same place forever. I'm sorry, i think vitamin e capsules help so it will not scar.
  7. I said keep looking because i like smaller ones, the color of the first one is pretty.
  8. jcoe34

    What's your #1 romantic movie?

    The Notebook for sure, i've never cried so much if my life!
  9. I think they look great, nice and breezy! I like the aqua color.
  10. I know this a dumb question, but what does OOT stand for? It's driving me bananas! Thanks!
  11. I think we are gonna go somewhere offsite for rehearsal dinner type of thing, nothing too fancy
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by nolaroy724 You know I did a lot of research on this for some friends that could not afford to stay at the resort. In my opinion, the cheapest hotels looked to be in Cancun. I'm trying to locate what I found and will PM it to you. My TA suggested Iberostar as the closer cheaper alternative. In the end, these people did not end up booking and will not attend. Keep in mind, you will have to buy day passes for everyone to attend the wedding (somewhere around $76/person). If you plan on having any cocktail parties, you would also most likely have to purchase more passes for them to come on the property. I personally would think long and hard about whether you want to get married at EDR if your guests will not be there. I think a lot of the fun of a DW is the big ol' party the whole week with your closest friends and family. I think what we would do is everyone (including me ) would stay at a cheaper hotel then go to EDR for ceremony/reception. then i would just stay there for my honeymoon. Guess we'll see what the rates end up being Thanks for the suggestions!
  13. Hello all, I am getting married at EDR but am now thinking of having guests stay at another hotel nearby since it is very expensive (especially now with the flight prices increasing) then they can come to EDR for the wedding/reception. Anyone know of a nearby hotel to EDR? Thank you!!
  14. I'll be looking forward to it since i'm an EDR bride as well!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by townie princess My FI's immediate family lives here, but my closest family member lives a 7 hour drive away, and the rest of my family are on the other side of the country. We plan to do the legal thing before we go to the DR for the "big show" and I didn't really want it to be anything big or special. I don't want it to take away from the day in the fancy dress with everyone there. Because FI's family is here, he wants them there for the legal cermony. I don't think his sister will be coming down to the Dominican b/c she can't afford it, but his parents will be there at the resort. None of my family will be there for the legal ceremony, only the symbolic one. I think my family would be a bit upset if his family was there and they couldn't be. SO my question is... Who did you have at your legal ceremony? I'm planning on doing the same. I think I'm gonna have my sister there at the legal ceremony then meet everyone out for dinner (just something small) We may even get tattoos afterwards!