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  1. I know scary right...we can't seem to get away from eachother. I'm getting ancy about wanting to start my stuff. Maybe this weekend while Joe is away. I thought about the symbolic wedding as well. I was curious if we should get married at the court house first and then do the wedding down there, then we don't have to worry about so many legalities of things. We could also use it as our honeymoon and then not be down there 4 days prior.... Quote: Originally Posted by Krystalranee Hey Beautiful Lady!!!!! So glad to see you here on the site. It's not like we talk enough everyday on the phone, thru text, in person and NOW on this forum. You can't hide from me! I love this sight. It is always so helpful. I'm glad you thought to ask about the divorce part of the wedding. Maybe we should just do a symbolic wedding at the resort. Then you, Joe, Sean and myself could have a dual wedding at the courthouse. Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this site. We'll have to get together to finish up our STD's and brochure. LOVE YOU
  2. Does anyone know how the divorce paperwork needs to go. My fiance has been divorced for approx 9 years. Do we still need to bring his paperwork down, and have it translated? This costs a lot of money so I didn't know if there was a timeline etc, so if you have been divorced more than 10 years you don't need to bring the paperwork...anyone know??
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    Thanks everyone! It is a double wedding..I believe my sister is on this forum as well..you'll see her around. I am getting married at 5pm and she is getting married at 7 and then we are sharing a reception! Should be exciting...it is exactly 1 year from today!
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    Hello everyone, My name is Lanae Burnett and my sister and I are getting married in Tulum in May 2009.