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  1. I have been in touch with Maria about the details for our wedding in a few weeks and it came to light that the photo 'package' included with the Ultimate Dreams Wedding package only includes the ceremony, not the photo shoot afterwards as I assumed (I thought it was the Bronze package included). The bronze package includes the same number of photos but covers ceremony and a shoot after. Since the ceremony is included in the wedding package and the bronze package we want to just add a 1/2 hour photo shoot without paying the full amount for the bronze package - has anyone out there done something like this? Were they flexible or did they try to make you pay the full amount? I have asked Maria but haven't gotten a response yet... Your help is appreciated!!!
  2. Bellham

    Pre-wedding brochure

    here it is! there's a lot of info here that i'm sure you don't need to worry about since i sent this out really early and pretty much everyone in our families didn't have a clue where the DR even was! we're having a very small group too, so that probably impacts the contents. hope this helps you and others!! info package 4.doc
  3. Bellham

    Pre-wedding brochure

    Quote: Originally Posted by LadyCheese Hi ladies..do any of you ladies have a template you can share for a Punta Cana "pre-wedding" brochure? I would to send this out to the guests before they leave with information. TIA :-) I have a package I put together covering info on the wedding, the area, the resort, travel info, and the all-inclusive experience all together. Unfortunately I don't have a copy of it at home but I'll send it out to you tomorrow! Less than a month away - you must be so excited!
  4. hello! I have been struggling to figure out what to do with my hair which is pretty short (now even a tad shorter in the back than my profile pic) but still needs to be pulled back away from my face to avoid hair blowing in my face on the beach! Any ideas are greatly appreciated. So far all searches for short hair show shoulder length hair and that just doesn't cut it
  5. Bellham

    Any 2009 brides here?

    Great job! Just keep at it ...one day and one week at a time... and you'll get there! Regardless you'll look and feel amazing! I'm a previous WW member that needs to get back at it for the wedding in February!
  6. Thanks for the info! That helps me rest easier!
  7. I am hoping that you ladies that have already reserved a date or gotten married at Dreams Punta Cana can help me. I am in the process of reserving my date using the reservation form. I asked Miguelina how to go about officially confirming the date with a deposit and a contract, as the resort website says is required. She indicated that is not necessary - we are in the calendar and nothing further is required to reserve the date. This makes me very nervous! Can anyone tell me what they needed to do to reserve their date at Dreams or any issues? Thanks so much!
  8. Bellham

    New Dreams Punta Cana Bride

    Hello everyone! I'm Shannon and will be getting married at Dreams Punta Cana Feb 28, 2009 if the flights work according to plan! I look forward to getting and sharing information with you!