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  1. Yeah, you put my mind at ease also! It's so hard to know you chosen the right place just off the internet! Can't wait to see your pics!!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing and posting the templates! I'm going to use it, if I can figure out how to change it. They look wonderful!!!
  3. Oh my!! Oh my! I have alot to do! Procrastination...not a good thing! Thanks ladies for the inspiration.
  4. here's the website for Club Riu Negril. True Colors Photo.com
  5. hi raquelmaddox1- I thought the same thing and emailed the Negril photographer, but they emaile me back saying they don't take pics for TB. Too bad because they had a nice website.
  6. Hi Riu TB brides. I'm getting married there in May 2009 and emailed the photographer but...haven't heard back yet. Let me know if anyone hears anything!
  7. Ladies, good ideas! My finace' metioned about doing it at sunrise also. And I guess wearing the dress again would hardly be twisting my arm!! Serena, thank you for offering to take pictures of the sunset. I look forward to them!
  8. Thank you for your responses! It's good to hear there is still a beautiful view behind a mountian. We are now thinking of staying a week in ROR then a few days on Negril. Thanks
  9. Hi Past ROR brides - I'm a newbie with hours and hours of research on this site! Thank you for sharing all you information and pics. It's been a great help. We plan on marrying in May 2009 in Jamaica and all the great reviews have sold us on Riu. I'm now torn between ROR or Negril! I love the beach wedding and reception offered at ROR but I sooooo wanted the sunset pics and experience. What's the sunset like in ROR? I know the ROR is on the east side of the island but sometimes a bay could change the view of a sunset. But I didn't see one sunset in any pics...
  10. Hello fellow newbie! I agree, I found this site VERY helpful!
  11. Hi there! My name is Janiece and I've been on this awesome website for over a week, non-stop and finally figured I should join. The input and pics on here have been so helpful in deciding on our destination wedding. We are getting married in late May 2009 in Jamaica. I am sold on Riu and am now deciding which one. Thank you everyone for sharing so much! It truely makes me feel more at ease.
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