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  1. hi i bought a pair of shoes from the on site shop,a waiter commented on them and asked where i got them when i told him he asked if i would get a pair for his wife and he would give me the money(they only cost a couple of pounds)i went and bought some and when i came back with them he came over straight away with the money, i told him i didn,t want it and they were a present he was absolutely overjoyed and so thankful,as i said they didn,t cost much but obviously the wages they get it would have been,x
  2. Toiletries are always welcome but we got married at pp last march and my (now husband) forgot to take his sunglasses,we could not buy any at all at the resort or in Holguin,It ended up with one of the barmen on the beach offering to lend him his for the duration of our stay,apparently the only way they have sunglasses is due to the kindness of guests who give them to them on their departure.xxx
  3. hi i,m the same,didn,t get mine translated,everywhere bank included were cool,as long as both names are prominent then it shouldn,t be an issue.xx
  4. cash is always good but toiletries are appreciated as they are expensive in cuba,sunglasses to.as you cannot buy them(believe it ir not).
  5. ooh you both look absolutely fabulous,well done.x
  6. hi i don,t have pictures of the gazebo i have pictures of our ceremony on the beach if that is any good.xx
  7. hi playa pesquero offers you 2 places to get married at,the beach or the gazebo, we chose the beach, as for chair covers i don,t know as there was just the 2 of us.i,m sorry but i don,t understand when you say ;how to pm you; not sure what that means.xx
  8. hi i would try selling it on e-bay, i know of 2 freinds who bough(and sold)their wedding dresses on e-bay and it worked out fine for them.x
  9. Lorraine

    cuba weddings

    you are all so freindly,thank you for your welcome messages. as i have said i got married in cuba last march at playa pesquero it was absolutely amazing i do have photos unfortunately they appear to be to big to send so i,m trying my best to work it out, i am from newcastle-upon-tyne, in the north.xxxx
  10. Lorraine

    cuba weddings

    hello, i would just like to say thank you to everyone for the welcome messages,you really are a freindly bunch.xxxx
  11. good luck,it is daunting but you will make the right choice for your perfect day let me know when you do it,s such an exciting time,i would love to do it all again(to the same man of course)x
  12. hi,like you we got stacks of brochures for all over the world and gradually whittled them down,we both fancied the caribean,all-inclusive etc...so we both wrote a list of things we fancied mine was a swim-up bar(never been to one but they looked gorgeous) his was somewhere with a jacuzzi and we narrowed each place down until we came up with cuba(it might sound silly but it really did help us decide).xx
  13. hi playa pesquero is absolutely fabulous.
  14. Lorraine

    cuba weddings

    hi my name is lorraine me and my (now husband) were married last march on the beach at playa pesquero,cuba,even now 1 year later i love talking about it and still feel the excitement as though it was yesterday,if i can answer any questions at all please just ask.xxx
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