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  1. Does anybody know where I can buy inexpensive veils online? I know which veil I want, I just don't want to spend $200 for a tiny piece of fabric. Thanks!!
  2. Thank you everyone!! I'm so excited, it actually seems real now!
  3. Thanks so much guys!!! I really debated bringing my own down but then I thought of the worse case scenario...what if the flowers they provide at the resort are so ugly that I don't have any flowers to walk down the aisle with or for my pics? that's when I went out looking for silk flowers. lol I think the prices at SPDD are very reasonable. I have been on AA's website and I think SPDD is cheaper.
  4. My bouquet is here, what do you think? For those Candian brides, I think Judi from Special Day Designs did a fantastic job and she was great to work with (I believe she ships to the U.S. too)
  5. Hi! If you scroll down about 2 threads to the "must have wedding songs" you'll see all the playlists there
  6. What a great idea!! I think I'm going to copy you.
  7. We have always used our credit card where we could, and it can be used for just about everything but local shopping. Its true, it CANNOT be american issued. For everything else we have exchanged money at the front lobby as we needed it so that there was nothing left over at the end.
  8. You're all very welcome I've been stalking the Havana and Varadero forums on tripadvisor for months now. lol We even found a Cuban on there who is helping us organize our wedding day. If it helps any, we're getting married at the Paradisus Varadero (well, wedding is in Havana but reception is at the Paradisus) and we have heard nothing but really amazing reviews from people who have been there. Everytime someone asks us where we're staying they go mental with their excitement at hearing the Paradisus (they really do). The co-ordinator at the Paradisus has been SO accomodating with all my requests and emails. I think because they don't get a lot of weddings and because they are more expensive, they really treat you well and give you what you want....they have so far anyways
  9. Maybe this will help ease some minds Cuba forum: More news from inside the Island. - TripAdvisor
  10. What a great idea about putting them in the OOT bags with instructions!!! I'm definitely going to do that! Thanks!!!!
  11. Yes Melissa has been great. You won't get too many cuban brides here as it is an american site. If you click on the link above and look at the top right there are other links to flowers, cakes etc with pictures. Check them out
  12. Hi Virg! We're getting married at the Paradisus Varadero (also a 5 star). I've seen pictures online of our flowers, cake etc and they look very nice. I also found another bride that got married at our resort who sent me pics of her wedding. All of the "freebies" looked great. None of them looked spectacular mind you but they were all very nice. I think if you're not picky then its all great. If there are a few items that are really important to you then I would contact the coordinator and let her know what you would like and if she could do it for you. Have you been to this link?...... Wedding package - Wedding and Honeymoon programs in Sol Melia Cuba hotels & resorts
  13. Well congratulations on picking Cuba!! I don't know anything really about either resort you have narrowed it down to but our resort is also a Paradisus and it has a gazebo overlooking the ocean. Its in Varadero though.
  14. If its in the winter I'm in for sure! If its spring I'll have to see as we leave in May. I'll PM you my info
  15. Welcome fellow Canuck!!! Alskan Cruise sounds So cool! Can't wait to see your pics and good luck with the planning! Its so much more fun planning a DW in my opinion.
  16. I don't come on here enough to help you but I just wanted to say that I've had my popcorn and iced tea here watching and hoping the mystery gets solved. Somebody help her!!!! Good Luck!
  17. I'm looking to share a photographer the week of May 18th if anyone is interested.
  18. hehe good luck, nobody's been to mine either. I'm sure yours will be spectacular!! It's all what you make it
  19. SgtPepperette I am in the exact same position you're in! I was going to do the "see who's coming" route but decided that no matter who it was it wouldn't have been special to me. Not to say the person isn't special to me, but the scenario of having them standing with me wouldn't have been special. Am I making sense? Anyways the way I see it, FH is my best friend, my confidante, my soul mate. It has always been us against the world so I think it should be just us standing at the altar the day of. Do what your heart desires.
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