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    Any RIU Tropical Bay Brides?

    I too have heard about the renovations at Riu TB. I have heard they are in order to turn the place into a Riu Palace of which there are none in Jamaica. My friends have been to Riu Palace in other places and really loved them. FYI
  2. So I have been stressing about this too for the Riu Negril. I emailed the wedding sales dept and this is what I got back: Dear Megan, Thank you for contacting RIU Weddings Sales Department. I would like to inform you that we have spoke with Dionne about this matter. There would be no problem with the photographer as long as he or she is part of the wedding guests. At the moment we do not accept external suppliers. If you shall require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. My impression is that they have given us an out while still following their policy. I will just say our photographer is one of our guests!
  3. megansg

    Negril Hotel Map

    Thanks! That's so helpful
  4. This is all just so crazy and infuriating! I am getting married at Riu Negril and they have started saying the same thing. My TA called headquarters and was told to talk to the WC. I agree that it seems to be how they feel that day. Grrr! Keep on keeping us posted ladies!
  5. He still won't tell me how he managed to do it. I like to believe that fate helped him pick his letters I have taken multiple pictures of the tile rack, and will be scrapbooking it for sure!
  6. megansg

    RIU Wedding Photography

    We're getting married at Riu Negril and I have just run into the same roadblock. I am freaking out! I am hoping somehow it sorts out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to manage? Should I do anything before I get down there? I've called my travel agent and will see what she says but if you all have any advice I would love it!
  7. megansg


    Yeah I'm freaking out about this a bit. The news reported this week that "they" have predicted a higher than usual hurricane season this year. Apparently it is a "La Nina" year and they seem to go together. However Jamaica is not usually hit (knocking wood really hard right now!). We'll just have to wait and see, and buy good travel insurance!
  8. megansg

    Help! RIU Negril

    Hi Steph...I'm another Riu Negril bride but I'm getting married in July so hopefully I can lead the way for you. I have just started getting in touch with the WC and I will attach what she has sent me in terms of options. Feel free to PM me for as much info as I can give. riu EXTRA_OR_OPTIONAL_SERVICE_doc[1].doc Riu PhotoPackage__2008[1].doc RESTAURANT_RESERVATIONS_2008_JAN[1].doc
  9. Bebe I'm glad you are feeling better. This post made me feel better too! I thought I was the only impatient one! lol. We got engaged at the end of January this year and our ceremony is the end of July. We booked the hotel (which books so many other things with it, WC, officiant, reception location, photog etc) and bought my dress within the first 3-4 weeks and now it is just down to decision making with things like hotel photog or outside photog, flowers, reception details etc. Invites haven't gone out yet but everyone knows about it anyways. So far we have 12 booked and hoping for a few more. A few friends have said that if they had more time they could come, but I think that if you gave them more time they would have other reasons why they couldn't, or different people couldn't go. To sum up, go with what you want!! And enjoy
  10. Wow did I ever need to read that post tonight. I got two messages today about people not being able to come. I hate it! I have to admit I would hate it a lot less if it weren't for the fact that it seems most of HIS invitees can make it and most of mine can't. I know that is petty but it stings a bit. I don't think we are going to even have attendants because none of my close gf's are able to go. I know this is a big undertaking, and that I haven't given people tons of notice, and I expected a lot not to come, but there are more who can't come than expected. I'm having a bit of a pity party tonight. But tomorrow is another day and then I will remind myself that as long as HE and I are there, that is all that matters. As other people have said, what I am most excited about is being married to the man I love. The rest is all window dressing. Thanks for letting me vent!
  11. Hey All I'm just wondering if people did the not supposed to see each other before the wedding? What sleeping arrangements did people make? What about the day of? Usually there is a lot of time to kill? How did you or do you plan on handling it?
  12. One that I had heard of, although didn't use in the end was Megan's Brides (no not my company! lol) Megan's Brides by Oceans Travel
  13. megansg

    Tips for a WW newbie?

    So I officially did it today! I actually, finally, went in and signed up! Yay me!!!!
  14. megansg

    What's your first dance song?

    This was a simple decision for us....David Gray: This year's love. We both love him, and have been to a couple of his concerts. We didn't even have to discuss it. But I am thinking about having romantic songs playing maybe as we are doing pictures or at dinner or something so I love all these ideas! Thanks all As for father daughter dance I have to do that for sure, no matter what happens and I have long had that song picked out. Because you loved me, by Celine Dion. So perfect!
  15. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who is a graphic designer who has agreed to do my invites for me. I was just at her house looking at photos and graphics and stuff and I am really excited! She and I like the same kinda stuff so I think it will turn out really well