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  1. Wedding Dj In Cancun


    Dear Melissa I Just read the review, Thank you so much for your kind words, I wish you guys all the best
  2. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    One word...Amazing!!

    Dear Yasmine Sorry for post this with a little delay but May was a crazy busy month! First of all thank you for your great review, your wedding was a dream the deco combined with our lights, you music choices The amazing crazy crowd!! Thank you so much for your trust, We wish you the very best
  3. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Now Jade Wedding - amazing!!!!!

    Dear Britt Thanks for your great review, We take more attention to the Cold Fire works remote control in order to have everything working in perfect timing, We wish you the very best
  4. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Just what I wanted!

    Dear JaxBchKay Thanks for your review and for Mentioned my name, As my partner always said a great party its an 50/50 factor 50% Good DJ 50% a great crowd, We wish you the very best
  5. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Best DJ ever!!

    Dear Samantha Thanks for your great review, Your group of guests was incredible to work with super fun and dance every song!, Also the beautiful lady who take the mic and start singing lady marmalade was a wow factor, I wish you guys the very best!!
  6. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Amazing DJ for our multi-cultural wedding!

    Dear Lillia Thank You for your great review, I keep working on my MC's skills I Wish you guys the very best!
  7. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Great DJ!

    Dear Handybride Thanks for posting this wonderful review, As always said a party it's an 50/50 50% for a good DJ an 50% for a good crowd and your crowd was truly amazing and fun! SoontobeMrsMachado mi email contact is: info@discomovilcancun.com
  8. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    More than a wedding DJ

    Thank you for your Words Reyna, It was an Absolute pleasure to have been part of your special day! i Have to say your Guests was the best I wish you guys the very best
  9. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Simply the best!!!!

    Dear Jennifer Thank you so much for such a wonderful review I Wish you the very best in life & endless happiness.
  10. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    Any Grand Palladium brides?

  11. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    RIU RM Palace Brides??

  12. Wedding Dj In Cancun

    December 2013 Brides

  13. Dear Julienelson The Ballroom is Called "TULE" Can be Tule 1, 2 or 3 Best Regards