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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by dc22173 What day in April are you getting married? I tried to book one her team photographers for April 25th and they were all booked. I actually hired Cecilia Dumas after getting the ok from Daniella at Dreams. I am getting married April 24 at Dreams Tulum. I emailed Claudia's team to see who is avail. but no word yet.
  2. Thank you! I will definitately look into Citalli.
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    May 2009 Wedding

    Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to the forum. It is full of great info.
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    Welcome to the forum.
  5. Hi. I just found out that Claudia is already booked for the day we are getting married. Has anyone used one of her team photographers? If so, which one? I went to her website and checked out the other photographers pictures and they all look amazing. I would love some input. Thank you.
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    Dreams Tulum Bride

    Thanks for the welcome.
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    Dreams Tulum Bride

    Hi. My name is Wendy and I am getting married at Dreams Tulum on April 24, 2009. (so excited!) This forum looks like a great resource.