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  1. I think I have finally decided to go with a Sandals Resort with Jamica being my top choice. Who is or has had a wedding there? Which resort did you go to? We haven't picked the date yet....we were kinda waiting to pick the location first. Does Jamica have a 'rainy' season? Any particular months not to go?
  2. Megan

    Where do I start?!?

    I've been looking at Cabo and I really like it!
  3. Megan

    Where do I start?!?

    You've already given me some good ideas! I have thought about Florida...also the Sandals Resort. I've never thought of Mexico as a wedding destination...hmm. Also I've always heard good things about South Carolina. My dad's been there several times and always mentions how gorgeous it is.
  4. Megan

    Where do I start?!?

    Hi I'm a newbie in need of some help! I've always wanted a destination wedding, but never sure where? The more I look the more confused I get! Where did you guys start? Did you always have a certain place in mind? Did a Travel Agent help you? I want the wedding to be small....my parents, his parents, a couple friends....I want the location to be spectacular (of course!), perferably on a beach, and I want a place we can all have fun (a golf course nearby would make a lot of us happy). Also affordable. Is this too much to ask? I always had my hopes set on Hawaii, but all I hear is how expensive it will be. Plus I don't know how the long plane ride will be on our son..which will probably be around 1 or 1 1/2 when we do this. Can you guys please give me some good ideas? Any sites that list packages, so I can get an idea of how much this will be? Thanks so much for the help!!!