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    Oahu Wedding

    MrsFlatt - Sorry, I forgot to mention - it the ceremony was about 10-15 minutes. If you ask the ladies in the office for a "timeline" I'm sure they will be able to give you one. They did that for me! Since you have more things you'll be doing, I'm sure they won't mind giving you a timeline...
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    Oahu Wedding

    MrsFlatt - We arrived at 6:45 AM (only because I had to steam my dress at Capt. Howie's) & pictures started at about 8:45/9:00. We were done with everything at about 11:20 AM. Honestly I can't remember how long the photography session took because it was all so fast (maybe an hour to an hour & a half)...but we were out of Capt. Howie's house by 11:20AM!!!! Waikiki will be plenty close to Waimanalo Beach - I assume that's where you will be getting married at?
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    Certified copies of marriage license Hawaii

    Hi girls, Ok, I'm confused. Why do you need certified copies of your marriage license? I received my CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE in the mail about a week and a half ago (it's also green). Is there something I'm supposed to do with this in order to chage my last name? I thought the certificate of marriage was all you needed to change your last name... Any help would be appreciated!
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    And the clock starts with plans in motion...

    Hi! We just got back from a 2 week long honeymoon in Hawaii. We spent the first week in Oahu and the second week in Maui. The islands are both beutiful and my hubby & I absolutely fell in love with North Shore. We spent 3 days watching the Vans Triple Crown Surf Tournament. Did you all by chance eat at this little steak place across from Sunset Beach? They have awesome food & it's totally cheap. Let me know if you want some tips - I'd be more than happy to help!
  5. Here it is. I hope my review can help others plan their dream wedding! Wedding Services - Above Heaven’s Gate: A While Capt. Howie is definitely a unique individual, his service and his employee’s attention to detail were awesome! I can’t say enough about the entire experience. My hubby was caught off guard by some of the cooky things Capt. Howie said, but overall he was pleased with the wedding and he couldn’t have been more excited to only pay $1,600 for the entire thing! Hair & makeup package – Wade was awesome! He did an amazing job with everything! I am so happy I decided to purchase the hair & makeup package and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The night before it poured and the rain carried over into the next day (our wedding day). We were set to have a 10:00 wedding so I was extremely nervous about the rain. We got there about 6:45am. The night before the wedding, we stayed at The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel so we could be closer to the wedding location since we had to wake up so early and it would take us about 45 minutes to get to Capt. Howie’s home. It’s located at the end of the strip in Waikiki, closer towards Diamond Head. $190 Make-up Artist/Hair – Wade (A +) $999 Photographer – Fernando (A +) Ginger 50 photo package $224 Florist – Lenie (A+) Hand tied bridal bouquet & groom’s lei $225 Minister – Rev./Capt. Howie ( Ceremony Office Crew – Chrissy, Deva, & Jenny (A+) Angels Bay (Waimanalo Beach) A+ – some have said that the beach is crowded and it can become un-wedding like with tons of people hanging out. We did not have a problem with people at all – actually, there was no one on the beach other than us! We did get married early in the morning & our pics got started about 9:00am. We were off the beach by 11:15 and people were just starting to show up. Waimanalo Beach is breathtaking! I wish we would’ve brought our swimsuits because it would have been great to take a dip after the wedding.The water is aqua blue and the trees that line the beach provide ample shade as the day gets warmer. I loved our choice! Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Lei: A + Before the wedding Chrissy & Jenny were in contact with me regarding the flowers, lei, and every other detail. They told me if I wanted something particular to just let them know. So I browsed the website to check out what other brides were carrying when I came across the arrangement I had to have. I sent a picture of it and they made it happen! It was a pricier Hand-Tied Bouquet at $175 but to me it was worth it because I absolutely loved it! And since we were saving so much money on the wedding, I felt it was ok to splurge! My hubby’s Ti Leaf Maile Tuberose Lie was $49 and we thought it added the perfect “Aloha spirit†to his suit. The Dress: A + Bought it at Alfred Angelo for around $850.00. I paid an additional $50 to order it 5 inches shorter from the get go. Not only would it take some of the hem up, but it would also shorten the bodice in proportion. A friend of the family made the rest of the alterations and we had several fittings. The length had to be taken up (of course), the chest area had to be taken in because it stuck out, the section around my hips had to be taken in (lacking in the hips & butt dept). The dress got shorter but it also got puffy so we removed layers of tooling underneath so the dress would lay flat. Shoes, Hair Accessories & Earrings $50.00 from Aldo (online). Bought my starfish hair clip at a little store at the local mall – it was only $10.00 and I also got the earrings at the same store for $8.00! I couldn’t see myself spending over $100 for earrings that I would more than likely only wear once. And they accented my dress perfectly! I didn’t want anything too fancy, just something that added a little bling And when I got there, Capt. Howie’s wife surprised me with the loose flowers – they usually cost $15 but I got them for free. Lunch Reservations: A +[/color] We had reservations for 6 at Blue Water Grill for 12:00pm the day of the wedding. Located at Hawaii Kai Shopping Ctr: 808-396-4402 377 Keahole St # D1b Honolulu, HI 96825, US) BluWater Grill-Oahu,Hawaii The food was amazing and the view was even better – here a few pics from lunch! My travel agent contacted the manager, Debbie, to set up the reservation & let her know we would be celebrating our wedding. It cost to have the tablecloth, special napkins & plate ware but it was still cheap…like $7.00 or something (don’t really remember because my parents snuck and paid the bill so I never got to see the final cost). They are more than willing to do anything to help make the day special, just give them a little notice. And on top of that, they brought us dessert ON THE HOUSE. How very sweet! I will eat here again when I go back to visit!!!!!! HOTELS – Marriot Ko Olina Beach Club: A+ It is the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at! I loved the hotel & the grounds were beautiful. We are timeshare owners and we stayed in a 2 bedroom/2 bath unit. The hotel is very family oriented but as honeymooners, we didn’t mind when everyone was in bed by 9:00pm! That just meant we had the hot tubs, pools and beach to ourselves. We ate at Kolohe’s Beach Bar & Grill the first night we arrived in Oahu. The drinks were great and the food was yummy – they have awesome onion rings! We also ate at Chuck’s Steak House which was also very good. This restaurant is the nicest one on site and was pretty expensive. We only ate at each restaurant once because we went out to eat more than anything & also bought some grocery items at The Market Place (on site store with deli, frozen pizza & other grocery items) & Safeway located in town about 10-15 minutes away, depending on traffic & road construction. Overall I LOVED the hotel and cannot wait to go back. The man made lagoon beach area was perfect for hanging out and relaxing. We never had to wait for a beach chair – there were plenty for everyone! They also have a beach shack where you can rent items like snorkeling gear and kayaks. Only thing is – there is not a regular cleaning service. They only came every 3-4 days to clean the room, other than that you’re on your own. The unit is equipped with a dish washer and washer & dryer so you’re able to clean up after yourselves. This was totally fine with us! The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel: B After finding out that we were getting married, they upgraded us to an oceanfront view! The staff was extremely nice. The view from our wrap around lanai was amazing & the best part of our hotel stay here. The bed was ok but not the most comfortable. The bathroom in the room was strictly a bathroom, nothing fancy. The sink made noises when we used it and the flushing the toilet was pretty loud. But with location being our primary reason for staying here, we can’t complain. My parents stayed here for the entire 5 days they were in Oahu and they loved the location as well. It was far enough away from the madness of Waikiki but still within walking distance for them. They loved the beach and they had a nice room that was comfortable for their stay. 2863 Kalakaua Ave. Honolulu, HI 96815 Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas: A- My hubby was set on staying at this hotel so we booked it for our stay in Maui. We liked the location and the room was very comfortable. The bellmen & concierge were all great. The guy who brought our luggage up was super cool and told us great spots for dinner & water activities. The mini fridge in the room did throw a kink in our stay. For 2 days the thing wouldn’t stay closed. After waiting for someone to come up to fix it (the hubby insisted we stay & wait until the work was done) the fridge was finally fixed and we could go about our trip. But we did wait for about an hour & a half for someone to come to the room & I had to call the front desk twice to check in. The service wasn’t the best…for example, the restaurant Pailolo Bar & Grill sucked! I’m going to be honest – the food was not good & the service was extremely slow. We did try to give the place one more shot – for breakfast. Once we were finally seated (took about 5 minutes for someone to approach us) they sat us and then never came back. We winded just getting up and heading to Lahaina for breakfast instead. At the end of our stay we did mention it to one of the managers who was extremely apologetic. If something goes wrong in your stay, don’t hesitate to tell someone. The manager told us we should’ve said something when it happened & wished we weren’t leaving because he would’ve done something to make it right. But, our stay was nice overall. We enjoyed Maui & all that we had an opportunity to experience. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know. I would be more than happy to help answer any questions you might have! Aloha, Adrienne Hawaii Review - Pics.pdf
  6. Cabo - A

    Oahu Wedding

    No, there's nothing I would have done differently. For what we wanted, it was perfect. I would say to definently stay somewhere close to the wedding sight, especially if you are going to be getting married in the morning. Do you know what time you're getting married & at what location. I'll be posting my complete review by the end of today!!!
  7. Cabo - A

    Oahu Wedding

    Aloha Everyone, Thanks for taking so much interest in my wedding post. It's been a LONG time since I've had an opportunity to log in and post some feedback and repsonses. I am happy to say that my hubby & I were married on December 2 in Waimainalo Beach (Angels Bay) with Capt. Howie!!!! I am so happy I booked with this company & I couldn't be happier with the end result! I am putting together my Wedding Review, which I will try & include pictures, and hope to post it soon. For those who gave me advice & tips - thank you very much! I am very happy we were chose this company. In the meantime, you can check out our photo gallery on the wedding website: Hawaiian Wedding Ceremonies, Hawaiian Weddings, Maui Weddings, Weddings in Hawaii, Weddings in Maui Once you're on the page, click on the gallery titled "Adrienne & Jason 12-2-08" - you'll find our pics! Thanks again everyone for your help and I'll be posting my review soon, I promise!
  8. Cabo - A

    Oahu Wedding

    Hi everyone! So my name reads Cabo - A because that's where we were originally getting married at. But after long discussion and too many people's input (you know how that goes), we've decided to just run off to Hawaii!!! I've booked with Above Heaven's Gate: Hawaii Weddings,Hawaii Wedding,Maui Weddings,Weddings in Hawaii,Maui Wedding,Hawaiian Weddings,Hawaii Beach Wedding The beach called Angels Bay is where we will be getting married! Has anyone heard about this company? From what I've read, this company was the first to start doing Hawaiian weddings and all I've heard is great stuff. Plus the photography is to die for! Honestly, that's what sold me. You can visit the website to view weddings...they are breathtaking. And there are numerous locations Rev./Capt. Howies performs ceremonies at. Rev./Capt. Howie is a non-denominational minister and Maritime Captain. Anyways, I'm looking forward to our wedding and I'll be sure to give a review. The wedding isn't until December but I know the time will fly by fast!
  9. Cabo - A

    Maui Honeymoon

    Thanks everyone for your help! After long discussion with the FH, we've decided to stay at the Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas. We're looking forward to it!!!!
  10. Cabo - A

    Maui Honeymoon

    Hello, For those more traveled brides, or anyone else who might be able to help, I need suggestions on where to stay. We want to stay somewhere on the beach but not at a huge resort or hotel...something more private with the same luxuries as a resort. It seems hard to find something that's the perfect match...I'm thinking tiki/beach bungalows. Don't have a preference on location in Maui as long as there is a swimmable beach nearby. So if anyone has any good suggestions, I would totally appreciate the help! THANKS!!!
  11. Yes, I would like to know this as well. Our situation is very difficult. My FI's mother passed away when he was 7. All of my grandparents have passed away and all he has is one grandmother who is still alive. What I'm mainly concerned about is how to honor his mother without everyone breaking down and crying...at his sister's weddings we all cried. I want it to be a happy remembrance - and so does he. I like the balloon idea...what do ya'll think?
  12. Thanks for posting this - I am definitely going to use it!!!!! I'm getting married in December 2008 and the only true thing I have done is bought my dress. I do have the location and all that stuff, but have yet to send anything out. Would ya'll recommend sending a save the date soon? Or how soon should I get started? Everyone that will be attending the wedding has been told verbally the date and location, so that's not a problem. But they all want information ASAP. I'm a busy girl and really haven't had time to pull all this stuff together. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks a bunch!
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    Newbie still trying to decide....Probably Cabo?

    Hi - Welcome to the forum! As everyone else has said, you will find tons of helpful information on this site...I know I have I was excited to read that you are considering Cabo Azul...there aren't too many brides on here that are. Other than myself, I can only think of maybe one other bride. BUT - I am totally excited about that place!!!! I know it is a new resort and everything looks absolutely beautiful there, but I have also been chatting with the wedding coordinator there, Sergio Morales, since late last year. Sergio and Vanessa (wedding coordinator assistant) have been great to work with and Sergio has year and years of experience. My FI and I are getting married December 6 of this year and I couldn't be more excited about the location! Good luck with planning and I hope you find the location of your dreams!!