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  1. Hi there! I'm photographing a wedding down at Hacienda Tres Rios the weekend of June 9th, 2012. I haven't shot a wedding in Mexico in a few years, and would love to do another one while I'm down there. If anyone is getting married the weekend before (June 1-3) or the weekend after (June 15-16), and is still looking for a photographer, I'd love to talk to you! I'm planning on staying in the area for a few extra days, and if I can shoot again while I'm there, that'd be fabulous! You can view my work at www.kristaphoto.com Thanks! Krista
  2. I used a template for the website, and then customized it. The template makes it easier to make changes and keep it updated, but since it's mostly images, it keeps it unique. Thanks for the heads up on the blog! I made the changes and hopefully it looks better now!
  3. I just released my new website, and I'm so excited about it! I'd love some feedback from other vendors, as well as some brides. If you have a moment, check it out... Krista Photography thanks!! Krista
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    WARNING!: Miguel Mayo

    I can't believe he actually thought he could get away with that - I mean, the rules are pretty clear, you know? He must really be desperate for work... And I also can't believe that any of you actually like spam! I'm not sure that I've ever actually eaten it, but the whole concept is pretty gross. I mean, what IS it anyway??
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    New Photographer on the forum :)

    Thanks everyone! I love how friendly this forum is!!!
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    New Photographer on the forum :)

    Thanks Kristie! I checked out your blog too - and Fuller Edge - and Autumn Burke. Subscribed to all of them I've shot a few destination weddings and I just LOVE them! It's so great to be surrounded by the couple and the guests over a few days. You really get to know them and the photos turn out so beautifully when you can spend that kind of time with people. hmmm, Love it!
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    New Photographer on the forum :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by froggie1013 Ready to deal with all of us crazy girls?! I think so
  8. kristaphoto

    New Photographer on the forum :)

    Thanks for checking out the blog Nic! God IS so good! I never found out who the gift card was from, though I have a guess. But, I'm happy not to know - I can leave the credit with God. And I'm thinking there's an automatic post up for all vendors reminding us of the rules thanks everyone for the warm welcome!
  9. Leigh - the site is beautiful and I love the huge pictures! It is a little slow for me though (Firefox, mac powerbook g4, wireless cable internet). I wouldn't sit and watch the whole thing, but I'm not a bride either...
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    New Photographer on the forum :)

    Hello! I found this forum on a blog out there somewhere in cyberspace. It seems to be a great resource and I'm excited to be part of it. I took the time to read the vendor rules, and I promise not to bug anyone I live in Boston, but I love to travel. I've shot weddings and documentary work in Mexico, India, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Zimbabwe, and all over the US. I love love LOVE destination weddings!! If I were getting married, I would almost certainly do a destination wedding - it's just such a great way to really enjoy everything with so much less stress. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all! Cheers! Krista