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    Tulum Bride!

    Congratulations! My sister and I will be getting married at Dreams Tulum as well. May 29, 2009 Good luck with everything!
  2. Krystalranee

    Our Weekend Getaway Pics

    Gotta love the Rocky Mountains.
  3. Krystalranee

    Newbie looking to wed

    Welcome! This forum is extremely helpful!
  4. Monica, with just a week before your big day, what are you feeling? Are there a lot of things to do? HAVE FUN!! and ENJOY!!
  5. Krystalranee


    CONGRATS! Cabo is a beautiful place!
  6. I love the idea! I have thought about it as well, but wasn't sure about getting them to my location. I usually travel light....maybe not this time.
  7. I agree about Cabo. The water is blue in certain locations along the beach, but because the water is rough at times it might not be worth it.
  8. Krystalranee

    More photos...

  9. Quote: Originally Posted by rabbitnow I had to get the divorce paperwork done for the wedding and would be glad to share the info if it's still needed - just not sure if it has been answered or not. Anna I sent you an e-mail, but if you would like to post it on this site, that would work out just fine. Any information would be helpful. If we find out that there's not too much to it, I would be willing to go that route. Thank you for any help you might be able to give us.
  10. Krystalranee

    Dreams Tulum Bride

    CONGRATS and WELCOME!!!!!!!!!
  11. Krystalranee

    Back from Tulum!

    CONGRATS and welcome back. You looked beautiful! My sister and I are looking forward to hearing about your experience. Hopefully they are things we can look out for. Thanks!
  12. What a fun idea. Do you mind me asking approx. how many people are attending the wedding? My sister and I are sharing our wedding date, which means we share several guest. This would be a FUN way to keep everyone excited.
  13. Krystalranee

    Loving this Site!!!

    WELCOME! It's such a great site! It's nice to get feedback from other brides.