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    Paradisius Princesa del Mar

    I was there 3 years ago and it is a BEAUTIFUL resort. Like someone mentioned above, the further down you go, the nicer the resorts. When we stayed there, the locals said it was the nicest on the strip. Be mindful that it is an adults only resort. I found this on the sunwing website: Weddings or Renewal of Vows Bonus • Notary service, marriage license and legalization of documents • Certified copy of the marriage license (not applicable for renewal of vows) • Personal coordinator for all weddings details • Fruit basket and bottle of wine in the room upon arrival • Alternative locations for the Wedding ceremony • Best Man, Maid of Honor and witnesses (if necessary) • Taped musical accompaniment • 1 bottles of sparkling wine for the wedding toast • Wedding cake • Wedding dinner on the day of the ceremony • Dinner the night before • Special bed-making, turn down service on the wedding day • Dawn with you breakfast in the room the following morning • Late check out for the couple until 15:00 upon availability Requirements : • Package for 17 people and a minimum 6 nights stay • Confirmation deadline: 4 weeks in advance. *For other wedding packages or information please refer to the website Cuba Hotels - Sol Meliá Cuba Hotel Booking, Hotel Deals & Special Offers for Cuba Vacation or contact Brenda Bradley at brenda@solmeliacuba.ca
  2. Definitely do not change your plans!! It almost seems as though they would be acting this way *wherever* the wedding would take place, so it's not worth changing the plans you have set forth for yourselves to make you happy on *YOUR* day. I know exactly what you're going through with the parents speaking another language and laughing when you're around (my ex's parents did the same) and it's a very difficult situation I think you're doing a good job trying to keep the peace no matter how hard it is for you! But stick with your guns and dont change plans unless YOU want to
  3. Lex

    Location...location...loc ation

    I agree I think waiting until Sept would be the best decision because it would give ample time for guests to start saving, etc. Plus, it'll give the resort time to weed out any 'growing pains' they'll probably have in the first few months. i know what resort you're talking about and I have been waiting anxiously for it to open also - just for a vacay, not a DW yet!
  4. Lex

    Ever tried Hip hop Abs?

    i haven't tried it, but I have a friend who bought the video. looks like a lot of fun!
  5. Lex

    Engaged in Cuba!!

    thats a great proposal!! so sweet!! congrats!!
  6. Lex

    My first post!

    congratulations & welcome to the forum!!
  7. Lex

    Spanish 101

    This site has a bunch of phrases already broken out into different categories, along with the pronunciation: Spanish Phrase Finder
  8. Hahahah I love this soooo much!! Tooo damn funny!
  9. Lex

    Heidi Montag's music video

    Oh my... that was crazy. For a music video, it was pretty poor.. just seeing her run around the beach. It was like a less exciting paris hilton video..which also was pretty bad lol I saw a clip of her (lip) singing at a club a few months back. Spencer is in the back lookin like a tool YouTube - Heidi Montag Sings Live - LAX Club L.V.
  10. Lex

    Bride to be...eventually

    Yari - it's so true! We'll see how it goes Cessyboston - ahah, glad to see you got your bling!! I just checked out your wedding window - what a cute story. You 2 are a gorgeous couple! Adinu - Thanks! From what I've seen so far the info has been amazing!
  11. Lex

    Bride to be...eventually

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Alyssa - the proposal *could* be coming soon. It's hard to say. We've been out looking at rings before (HUGE step for me lol) so we'll see Betsy- I dont' have any place in particular. We haven't done a lot of travelling so far. We went to Cuba last year & LOVED it. In April we'll be heading to Dominican (Edenh) so we'll see how we like it there. Hopefully I have good news soon! We'll see what happens
  12. Lex

    Bride to be...eventually

    Hi everyone! My name is Lex and I dont' have a set wedding date... just yet. My man hasn't popped the question... just yet We do openly talk about the future, and are set on a destination wedding. I found this forum and use it to get a lot of great info to help me when the time does come.