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  1. Here is the price list...off topic, but does anyone know of any good bands in Cabo (not mariachi, more US style event band, jazz, 80s, etc). Any help is appreciated! Del Cabo Event al Pricing -2.pdf
  2. Hi Girls, I'm looking for a good band to play at my 30th b-day party in Cabo. Does anyone have any suggestions? Contact info? I was hoping for a small orchestra with bandstands (going for a vintage theme), but have had no success finding anything like that yet. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi Everyone! I am new to this site, but it has been invaluable so far. I must say that I am already married, BUT I'm planninga 30th birthday in Cabo for a somewhat large group, so all the info helps. I have been looking into Hilton, and Emeline emailed me that the hotel does not allow clients to work with outside vendors directly and must go through the hotel. Did anyone else have this experience? I haven't booked with them yet, and I have specific vendors that I want to use, and I would rather coordinate with them myself. Any info is much appreciated!
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