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    A little behind in planning?

    We are also having our wedding in Punta Cana! We booked our trip about three weeks ago. We are staying at the Dreams resort, which just looks beautiful. But don't they all? I also wanted to let you know that we LOVE our TA! We have used her a few times in booking local trips, Florida and such. She is VERY informative and extreamly helpful! Any time we contact her she always responds that day and I never feel like I am bothering her. And I always have a ton of questions! But she always does her best to answer and I am just very impressed with her! Also, our trip cost us the same going through her as it did booking it on the website. I'm sure your not local (missouri here!), but I ams sure you could deal with her over the phone if you like. I actually have only stopped in once, and that was to figure out what resort to stay at. Since then all our communication has been through e-mail and phone calls and she just mailed us our reciept when we put down our deposit. So if you wanna contact her, her name is Carrie Willard. She works at Majestic Travel. Their phone number is 636-397-2100, let her know Sandy sent you, I promise she'll take care of you! Let me know how it goes! It's at least worth calling and checking her out.
  2. We are not paying for ours (which I'm noticing no one else did really either, makes me feel better). But we are only having two. I would suggest like someone before me said, and seeing who is planning on coming, and taking it from there. We are not paying for the dresses either, but I am letting them pick their own as long as they are black and white and some what similair to mine. That way they can wear it again for other occasions in the future.
  3. sndyndln

    After TA stole our money, NO GUEST

    Yea, so what happened with your 10K the TA took? What is she saying she did with that? That is freaking crazy and I would be down there right now getting my money back!
  4. sndyndln

    How old were you when you got engaged?

    I was 19 when I was first engaged, dated for three months, married in 9. Not something I advise. I'm sure it works for some, but not for me. Stayed together for four years. We're done with that now. . . Now I've been dating someone for two and a half years, know that he is my type and will make me happy for the rest of my life. We will get married Next June (of 2009). And I am currently 26.
  5. sndyndln

    Permanent makeup

    My girlfriend has it done, I think it looks good. I don't know anyone that has their eye brows done, but she did the top lid with eye liner. It looks really good. Kinda thinking of having it done myself. Her's didn't scab up at all either.
  6. sndyndln


    Welcome! There is so much info, idea's and advice on here, it's wonderful! And I have found everyone to be extreamly helpful!
  7. We are getting married June of 2009 and have Miguela as our coordinator. She's been pretty good about getting back to all our questions quickly. Her papers or fax or e-mail (whatever she is contacting my travel agent with), did say that we have to put down a $100 deposit. However, I also just got a confirmation stating that our date and time is booked, yet I haven't made my payment yet. So I'm going to check with my travel agent and see if it's for sure even though I haven't paid a deposit yet. I mean, I have a confirmation number and everything.
  8. sndyndln


    I would just put both pics in there and let them choose on their own. Who knows, which one they'd want? Thanks for the Kohls tip! I'll be going there today!
  9. sndyndln

    Ok..let me get this straight?

    Yup, our travel agent (who is freaking awesome!) told us about the 4-8 week wait on your actual certificate. We aren't getting married until next June, but after thinking about having to wait that long until you could start the ball rolling in the US, and after adding up all the costs of the paperwork you have to complete so that you are legally able to get married in the Dem Rep, we just decided it was easier and safer to just get married here at the court house and not tell anyone. We don't want anyone else there except our witness's (which are also getting married down there with us), so that it doesn't mean anything except paperwork.
  10. sndyndln

    Grrr...the beginning of MIL drama

    So I guess I'm gonna agree with everyone else when saying that you guys need to keep your foot planted and stick to what your origional plan was. I wouldn't invite ANY family. That was the decision that you both made, and it's your wedding, not theirs. They already had their own and now it's your turn and what you want. I would however make sure that he is the one telling HIS family and make sure he makes it clear that he agrees and it's not just you telling him to say things. Ugh, family, aren't they a joy!?!?
  11. sndyndln

    Which make-up to buy?

    I know a lot of women like sephora and bare minerals, and I'm sure it works really well, but I just can't get myself to spend that much money either. I guess if I had to I would. I really like Mary Kay's new stuff. They just opened a whole line of mineral make up. There is foundations, blushs, eyeshadows, bronzers, and high lighters! So if you know a consultant I'm sure they could get you some samples for free and you can decide if you like it before you buy it.
  12. sndyndln

    Keep eye makeup on

    You do. If you don't know any one that has one, just let me know. I sell Mary Kay and can just ship it to you, it's really small, so you wouldn't have to worry about the shipping.
  13. sndyndln

    Keep eye makeup on

    I really like Mary Kay's Eye Primer! It helps keep your eye shadow on all day. I use it everyday and I don't have to re-apply my make up at all.
  14. sndyndln

    What to do.

    Thanks girl. I should probably look in that Vent area!
  15. I really like the second one that you posted, or the top one that was posted right before me. But ultimately, it's what are you most comfortable in. You don't want to buy something you're unsure of yourself in because that will ruin it for you even everyone else does think it looks great.