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  1. Adrianna

    5 love languages Quiz

    The quiz is pretty cool, im doing it now
  2. Adrianna

    Questions for Bloggers?

    Wordpress is cool too, it makes it soo easy to use, blogger and blogspot are good too. just sign up and get to it, it's easy because its all up to you how much you wana write
  3. Adrianna

    hello everyone

    Puerta Vallarta is gorgeous! I was there for my friends wedding last year, we are considering Miami for ours, but its still subject to change.
  4. Adrianna

    Happy to be Here!

    Jamaica is beautiful! What an amazing place to get married. Welcome hun!
  5. Adrianna

    Newbie here!

    Congrats hun, look forward to chatting with ya!
  6. Adrianna

    Bikini Wax?

    I've been debating going for a full Brazilian, but I think I might just do it. I have to try it at least once haha, reading this thread has both motivated and scared me to do it lol
  7. Adrianna

    Margarita Island, Venezuela

    Hey hun, I've actually been looking to visit there soon. If I make my way down I can do some research for you if you'd like? I'll keep you updated with the trip.
  8. Adrianna


    That is a beautiful house! Florida is such a great place, I have lot's of family there and we are considering moving near the Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale area, I have a cousin who owns a business down there, and we are looking to get married in Miami perhaps.
  9. Adrianna

    The best beach/beaches you've been to?

    Thailand looks absolutely beautiful! That is now on my list as well. I always wondered how Fiji was, I've heard some amazing things.
  10. That is a tough situation, but one you knew would happen sooner or later during the wedding planning. Personally, I would invite her. Put the decision on her, you are going to be so busy with everyone else and if you don't she will show, at least you made the effort. If she does come, it shouldn't make that much of a difference, you don't need to cater to her, just have a good time, say hello, and remember it's your day.
  11. Adrianna


    My Name is Adrianna. I came across this forum when I was searching for wedding ideas, it looked like a nice community to join, and should be able to help me plan my wedding. Right now, me and my man are settling on a wedding date, and the time we have it also will be determined by where we want to have it. Right now, we are thinking Miami. Anyone else in the same boat? Thanks for your answers in advance, I look forward to chatting with you all!