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  1. Oh my god that's amazing. I was wavering about booking there but think I will now!
  2. Hi Johanna! Welcome I just joined yesterday and everyone here is so nice and has so much information!! Looking forward to chatting.
  3. Hi Sarah. I was just on the budget page and saw lots of extra costs - did Dreams end up costing a lot for you and your guests? I'm looking more into Dreams and it's gorgeous!
  4. Hey Nicole or any Cabo Dreams bride - can you give me an idea of how much things cost above and beyond the wedding packages? I know the 'Ultimate' is $2650 and then another $28pp. Are your estimates above and beyond these costs? Thanks - I know it's cheaper than NY but it's still daunting!
  5. Yes- it is definitely making me look closely at Riu. Have you heard of what room discounts exist if you book for a group? I can't find anything that talks about rates (but am a newbie and still exploring)
  6. Wow - this is really detailed - exactly what I needed. Thanks. There seems to be a lot of information about Riu, which is fantastic.
  7. ACPenn


    Welcome! Congratulations
  8. Aww thanks everyone! Can't wait to get to learn more about you!
  9. Hi everyone!! My name is Ann and I just got engaged to Andy. We're thinking the Riu Palace in Cabo for Memorial Day weekend of next year (but we're just beginning planning and pricing- so any advice would be welcomed!!!) Can't wait to get chatting with you!
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