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  1. Manolo Blahnik has the beautiful blue satin pump (as seen on Sex and The City) - this is an easy shoe for warm weather! Something Blue Satin Pump*-* Neiman Marcus
  2. Hi "Future Mrs Ross". You can email Jorge Wolf - he is the wedding co-ordinator at Cancun. His email is: bodasaqcu@posadas.com Lauren
  3. Hi Morgan Thanks so much for the following information. Do you perhaps have an image to share or a link with the hairstyle? Lauren
  4. Thank you so much for posting this - this information is priceless!
  5. Then it's the perfect place! It is so pretty and very private! Trying the upload the picture the co-ordinator sent us but no luck!
  6. Hi Anna Only a pleasure! I'd love to hear what you think of Aqua!! Hi Jenny I know - the lounge is such a great deal break and mood setter! We however decided to scrap it as the "Garden of Senses" (on the Aqua property, secluded area) has outdoor seating around the fountain etc.
  7. Thank you so much! Here are some of the prices we have acquired: The Package Includes: Legal Ceremony (coordination of the legal documentation) Official Wedding Certificate Witnesses if required Standard Brides Bouquet, Grooms Boutonniere Set up for the ceremony with white chairs Sound System for the ceremony (for 50 pax) 1 bottle of Sparkling wine for toast Wedding Coordinator Personal Supervision of the event Price $2,300.00 usd +10% Tax + 15% service (2008 price) In regards to food - they have an amazing menu (but it's very lengthy!). The menu is ordered to your preferances with canapes, order by the dozen etc. As mentioned, it's about $200.00 pp and they are known for their amazing chefs! We also got the following quote as per our request: The price for one table for 30 pax, with black chair covers, black ribbons, and black table cloth will be $584.00 usd + 10% tax, this will be for the square table. Optional: Lounge set up is approximately $3000.00 from an outside company. We have had the great pleasure of dealing with: Rocio Rodriguez | Weddings & Social Events
  8. Hi! The planning is going very well and we have already booked our date at Aqua. Average for food per person was $200.00 and the majority of the venue aspects are included in that price. The wedding co-ordinator has been absolutely amazing and she get's back to us within a day or 2. She also has obtained outside quotes for us for our specific needs (such as tables etc etc that they may not have). I continually hear amazing remarks about the hotel. Good Luck!
  9. Love this! I'm having black under mine . . . but purchashing black and grey tulle instead of dying it - it has such a beautiful effect. Matching your shoes to the color looks marvelous on camera too!
  10. We got great prices and service from our hotel - Aqua. They have been so accomodating to our needs and requests and so far we have been more than pleased! We will however be staying at another resort for the stay - I have heard that ME Cancun offers good group deals!
  11. lhc007


    Definately have the trial done with the person your'e intending to do your make-up. You need to know what to expect and you definately don't want any nasty surprises on the day! I'm a pro-makeup artist in the L.A. area and have hardly ever not done trials. Even if a bride is an out of towner, I'll make a plan to try and get the trial. Too, the mua should supply everything, but as suggested - take your fave mascara and lip shade just for assurance! If you need any advice don't hesitate to ask! Makeup Artist Los Angeles - Welcome to LHC Pro Makeup!
  12. Thank you ladies! We actually have gone ahead and decided to have Aqua as our location. It's "so us" and fits perfectly into our budget - somehow!!!!! Too, unlike other location wedding co-ordionators, we have had quick responses from the co-ordionator and all the information we have requested has been given ultra quick.
  13. Yes, you definately can - be sure though that the glue is completely dry and that you have revomed any excess that may have dried on the lid. It's best to use a liquid eye liner or stick to black shadow to hide the lash tracks and give a "pow" factor!