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    Daniel Aguilar Photography- AMAZING!!!

    I too scoured the web for weeks before I came across Daniel's website. At the time he had less than a dozen weddings on his website but it was obvious he had an amazing eye. My husband Ed̼ and I contracted him to shoot our entire wedding weekend last April in Cuernavaca. He is FABULOUS... an awesome photographer, a genuinely nice and humble guy and lots of fun to work with. A slide show from our wedding is in the archives of Daniel's blog under the heading "Deb + Ed̼ - The Slide Show" June 2009 Riviera Maya Wedding Photographer РDaniel Aguilar and the Destination Wedding Adventures
  2. Hi Tracy, Thanks for all the great info you've given us about your wedding. Can you tell me what the $70 per person covered - i.e. was that just the food? food and alcohol? did that include the tables, chairs, dishes, whatever? Sorry if it's a naive question but so far most of my investigation has been with the hotels and not individual wedding planners. Thanks, Deb
  3. Hi Tracy Muchas felicidades. I'm glad everything worked out well for your special day. I looked at the pics of Villa Las Palmeras on the web and it looks fabulous. Did you and some of your guests stay at the villa itself for several nights? Deb
  4. Hey Lisa, Thanks for that info. I was kind of hoping some of what you said about Prisar would be the case. My fiancee is Mexican as well and his sister has actually done event planing in DF but is just a little too far from PV to do this. I emailed Prisar yesterday so hope to hear something soon. I may be emailing with questions. Take care, Deb
  5. Edna and Jen, thanks for the posts... and congratulations Jen! I'm glad your wedding was everything you wanted it to be. Deb
  6. Hi Erika, Thanks for the info on the Sheraton. I'm ok with not super fancy and I like being close to town. My fiancée is Mexican and we would prefer to stay closer to the original town instead of the more americanized areas. I just love the Malecon with all the statues! Thanks also for the name of the restuarant. I will check it out when I'm in PV in April. Have a great day! Deb
  7. Hey Amy, thanks I will look at all of their posts. Appreciate it!
  8. Hey Ladies, Thanks everyone for all the info so far. We are shooting for a May 2009 wedding and I have just started looking at all the options. I have absolutely scoured this forum and have looked at so many hotel websites I think I can name every hotel in Jalisco! I am scheduled to go to PV for a week in April and start looking around. I had originally hoped to just pick a hotel and do everything through the in house planner but am now feeling quite overwhelmed. We are paying for all of this ourselves and that will include flying my parents in from Wisconsin, several members of his family in from Mexico City as well as paying for @ 10 hotel rooms for 4 nights. So I need to be smart with planning. I originally thought paying someone else to coordinate would not be worth it but now want to at least interview a few when I get to PV. Thanks to Erika's post I have some idea who I might try first but wondering who here as experience with Prisar Vallarta? Thanks, Deb
  9. Hey Erika, Thanks so much for all the great info. I have a bunch more questions for you but they will have to wait until after work today. I know they are not on your list but did you deal at all with Prisar Vallarta? I'll be writing again soon. Thanks again. Deb
  10. Hello ladies, My name is Deb and my fiancee and I are hoping to get married in Puerto Vallarta in May of 2009. I have tickets to go down and look around in about 6 weeks. I haven't decided yet if I will start off looking around on my own or try to hook up with a Wedding Coordinator. I do speak Spanish and Edú my fiancee is Mexican. I'm interested in hearing about your experiences with Wedding Coordinators in PV. What kind of money are we talking about to hire a coordinator and what all do you get? Thanks in advance for your help. Deb