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  1. Hey ladies, First thinks for the compliments and helpful hints. So far 36 have booked and sent me their itinerary. Others that haven't booked are people like my father and brother who always wait until the last minute but are always there for me. I just sent out an email to all the RSVP guest for a last call we only have 77 more days to go... hopefully all those that haven't confirmed their travel plans will either move forward or decide not to go. I only have 2 weeks for my life events party (no after JA reception) so if most are still coming I going to move towards small appertizers instead of dinner and hopefully they'll spend too much time dancing to realize. I do like the meeting at the bar instead of the ice cream social but the guest are staying in 4 different AI hotels... If it comes to it the social is out... I'll keep you guys posted
  2. Ok I have been engaged since late 2005. We got engaged then shortly after we started planning our fairy tale wedding in the mountains of CT he received orders to report to Iraq. Ok so luckily all deposits were returned because of his orders. In the meantime, I was selected as 1 of 38 nationally selected fellows to study in NYC on a full scholarship plus an apprenticeship towards an MPA (I graduate in 2 weeks) So just to recap engaged in 2005, cancelled planning mid 2006, he went to Iraq early 2007, I enter my fellowship mid 2007, he returned from Iraq Feb. 2008, we purchased a house in NC (I'M STILL IN NYC) in May 2008, I graduate August 7th 2008, and our "everything reception"in CT is on August 9th (moving to NC, graduation, pre-wedding reception) .... so somewhere in the middle of all this we decided ok let's go the low stress route and invite everybody to Jamaica those that can't make it will send pictures. Both families were not happy and most said bad idea. So we move forward knowing that most wouldn't attend. So we budget for about a 40 guest reception just in case some of the complaining family members changed their mind and actually wanted to attend. Now at final count we are at 66 . OMG what to do? I definitely want a reception in Jamaica but with 26 additional guest maybe we have to cancel the night before ice cream social or cancel the everything reception on August 9th... but the invites are already out with most people attending. .. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
  3. Not sure if the picture will show....regardless this is my set... I LOVE IT!!!!
  4. I caught the same sell on BBW new scents and now have them in the back of the closet waiting for our day. I love the tote bags, where they expensive? Where did you purchase them?
  5. Tami I hope you are feeling better since you are off your crutches. Can you please tell me where you purchased your parasols from? I looked on Oriental trading and I don't see the one you bought...
  6. Wow I'm so late... but you are the best... where did you get the parasols
  7. Hey Ladies, I MISSED YOU!!! Since Derrick has been home from Iraq,we experienced a loss and he is taking it extremely hard. His West Point roommate joined the angels about 2 weeks ago after a "accident" in Iraq. All is well, but I am looking for a good mental health provider for my FH now. I hope everyone is doing well and happily planning. I have to get back on my diet regiment because I can't breath when my dress is zipped How is everyone else doing? BTW this is my take on spring flowers Meika
  8. I was thinking about sending the boarding passes to everyone that booked a week before we leave. That would include the weekend schedule, wedding day timeline, contact information, and our thank you's... but I might say it for the OOT bags not sure...
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by NYJen You know what's funny, I realized yesterday that EVERY SINGLE thing we're doing for this wedding is something I stole from someone else (mostly girls on here.) I don't think I came up with one idea on my own. LOL!!!! My entire wedding was inspired by the BDW family. LOL Jen we are in the same boat... the other day while I was showing off my logo to my roommate, ordering my OOT bags, making a list of what is going in the bag, and addressing my "friendly reminder" post cards to friends and family she stop me and ask where did all these rules for my no stress wedding on the beach come in to play... I said my BDW sisters "inspired" me to do MUCH more.
  10. Hi our wedding will be at Beaches for various reason. First I was in love with Rose Hall in MoBay but so many families wanted to bring children so I had to look around. So ultimately Beaches offered name recognition that was really important. The majority of my family has never left the country and the more I talked about other resorts the more worried everyone became. So Beaches has commericals on everyday and its located near other notable activities for those that want to party off the resort site.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by twelve_piece My bridesmaids will be getting everything in the OOT bags plus: I paid for their dresses, I'm getting or making barefoot sandals, jewelry for the ceremony, a terry cloth swimsuit cover-up with thier monogram or nickname embroidered, and then I'm either going to cover their costs for Dunns River excursion or get mani/pedi before we leave home. I offered to get thier make-up done at the hotel salon but they all want to do thier own. twelve_piece we are doing similar gifts. I already have their dresses, I will be going to the jewelry district (I live in NYC) for ceremony jewelry, the Dessy flip flops in the dresses colors,Flip Flops in Bridesmaid Colors: The Dessy Group, mani/pedi before they leave home, and still debating about the cover up or the personalized towels.
  12. Ok I might be alittle slow...but how do I put the photo on my side profile thingy??
  13. Hello Folks, I'm new and already love it here. I'm getting married October 11, 2008 at Beaches Negril. I live in NYC but I was born and raised in CT.... HELLO EVERYONE
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