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  1. What are peoples thoughts on having an AHR months after the wedding? I live in Norway with my fiancee and we will be travelling back there after the wedding in December...therefore I won't be in Canada again until June. Is it too late then to have an AHR? And if I do have one, when do I send out the invites? PLUS...we are not registering for our wedding because we don't want gifts, so would we register for the reception (because lots of people are complaining that we aren't registering and would like guidance on what to give us even though we have requested no gifts) or is that tacky??



  2. Hi everyone,


    So now that the hard part is over and we've chosen the destination, I have to start on the decorating. My fiancee and I would like an elegant theme, but we are getting married on the beach in the Dominican and our reception is at a poolside terrace, so we would like it to be casual-elegant (does that even exist?). Does anyone have ideas of colour schemes or themes outside the normal shell, sand castle, etc?


    Thanks so much!

  3. Hi HappyGilmore! (PS THAT IS MY FAVE MOVIE! LOL) I just booked my wedding at Sun Village for December. I too hadn't heard a lot on this site about it but I did a lot of research through traveladvisor, etc and it looks good - it had mixed reviews like all resorts but the reviews have steadily been getting better over the years. On top of that my parents went to check it out for me a couple of days ago and said it was stunning - absolutely huge and totally relaxing atmosphere - which is what i'm going for - plus it's only a 5 minute cab ride from the Riu's, etc. Hope this helps and I would love to hear what other people have to say as well! Good luck and congrats!

  4. Quote:
    Originally Posted by jean-marcus View Post
    hahah hey there fellow viking... well soon to be mrs. viking.. im from sweden. i think i need to get back to my roots , im over due to go plunder and pillage a neighboring village..
    I haven't been to sweden yet but I hear you on the plundering and pillaging - my fiancee almost wrote that on his immigration form when he visited Canada Reason for visit: to plunder and pillage your lands

  5. Hi Everyone,


    I am so happy to find this forum. I am 25 years old and a Canadian but have been living overseas for the last three years. About a year ago I met my fiancee in London and six months later we were engaged and I had moved to Norway with my viking.


    We are planning our wedding but it has it's stresses with me being in Norway and their not really being a culture for destination weddings over here. So I'm trying to organize it through a travel agent in Ontario.


    We are getting married ideally Dec. 31 2008 but more likely Dec 30 because they don't do new year's weddings usually. The problem at the moment is LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!! We have 80% decided on Dominican but are having problems finding resorts that do weddings well and our within our guests budget!


    Anyways that's me in a nutshell - any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated!

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