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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by chandrathebride Regarding the reception... my understanding is that unless you have over 50 people (and can therefore have a buffet) and you pick either the silver or gold package, you are required to pick 1 plate for everyone. Meaning everyone gets either meat/fish/veggie, etc. This seems really strange to me--have never heard of that. I don't need many options, but we do have a handful of vegetarians in our group. Does anyone know about this? My hubby to be thinks it will be fine to work this out with Sandra upon arrival. I am worried. When you meet with Sandra after you get there she asks you if anyone needs a special menu...so at that time you can tell her! I wouldn't worry about it until you get there!!! We had our 3 year old son with us and he wanted chicken nuggets so thats what he got while the rest of ate the fancy stuff!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by SunBride So happy to hear everything went great for you IoawChik22! You should do a full out review! I'd love to hear more. So you obviously had a male minister which is different than me (had a lady, and did not have problems with her saying thank you too much!). Can't wait to see your pictures when I get home (work blocks all photo sites for me). Thats so funny about the reaction to the gazebo request. There has only been one or two other DT from BDW who've gotten married since me, but there are probably lots of lurkers who don't post here who saw it in my review, as well as people who saw it on trip advisor. That's too bad about your pictures, I hope the quality of the digital files is good so that you can get them reprinted. EDIT: Just got to see your photos, you have lots of great ones! Your gazebo looked beautiful too! And I see that you got the same palm/flower arrangements for the aisle that I has asked them to do- did you specially request that or is it their new "standard" way of doing it? Congratulations! When I met with Sandra the day after we got there she had asked how I wanted the gazebo decorated and I said that I wanted it like the one she had done a few weeks prior and I had a picture with me but then she said you mean like this.....and she pulled up the exact picture that I had printed of yours and said..."you mean like this" so she must have it easily accessible! I saw a couple of other weddings and it looks like they had the same aisle decore also...so it could very well be that they do it like that now!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by chandrathebride Congrats! Thank you for sharing! Everyone's experience really helps, and it makes me feel good that things went well for you--and I adore your dress--especially the sleeves. Since you welcomed questions: I am considering reception on the beach as well (probably will have dreams of love package and I am pretty sure it is free then to have it on the beach)--but wondering about the music. So you bring an ipod and they have speakers, etc. you rent? Can you tell me the cost for that? Did it seem to work out dancing on sand, etc.? Can I ask why you decided on the beach? I am thinking about it b/c not only do I not want to pay $750 to rent out a restaurant to make it private, I am worried that because of other weddings that day the other spaces will be taken. And I am not counting on Sandra being able to confirm a space for me before I get there. Its actually 1 large speaker that they just move over from the actual wedding site. It worked just fine...we asked them to turn it up a little which they did! The reception on the beach was awesome...they had candles and tiki torches....it was kind of windy but still was amazing. Being in the beach was exactly what I wanted...our meal didn't start until probably right after 8:30pm and at that time there is no one else on the beach so it was very private besides the few people that were some distance away at the seaside grill...I didn't even notice them!! Dancing in the sand....ahhh, it still brings tears to my eyes...it was no problem what so ever, it was magical!!! The cost of the speaker was $150 and that was for however long we wanted it. My friend had the ipod and brought the cable to hook it up....it worked just great!!
  4. I just got back 2 days ago from my wedding at DREAMS!!!! Amazing.....the rest of you have nothing to worry about! I will post my pictures!! Sandra was wonderful! We were upgraded to an oceanview room when we arrived! The resort was completely full! There were 2 weddings right before mine...we started late about 7:20...no big deal. I had my hair and makeup done....the hair was beautiful and the make up was a little much so I had to wipe some off (HAHA)! I had brought the fabric to copy Sunbride's gazebo idea. I think Sandra got a kick out of it because she kinda giggled a little because I think she has gotten a lot of requests to mimic that one! The minister was good....except the kept saying "thank you, thank you very much" a ton during the ceremony, but he also put in a few funny things which were cute! I had the Dreams of Love Package...only because I wanted the 36 pictures..however, the actual prints that you are given are not very good quality...I don't know if its the paper or the printer, but I probably would have been upset about it if I wouldn't have bought the entire CD for $350 so i will just send them in and have them printed. BRING A WATCH!!!!! There aren't any clocks anywhere and no one wears a watch!!!!!!!!! It drove me crazy not to know the time. I know that yuo are on vacation, but when you have a hair appointment or need to be somewhere its annoying trying to figure out what time it is!!! We had our reception right there on the beach by the seaside grill. We rented the IPOD equipment to have music and even towards the end of the meal we danced a few slow songs. The food was AMAZING!!!!!!OH, and don't forget to put sunscreen on the tops of your feet, ears and in your hairline.....you'll thank me later! Let me know if anyone has any questions!! Also...be prepared to be sad the next day when its over....what a beautiful place to be with all your friends and family....a truly humbling experience!!!! Snapfish: Share:Registration_Opt2
  5. Does anyone know how tall the gazebo is? I woke up during the night thinking about how beautiful it will look but then I wondered.....since I am almost 6'1 and my future hubby is about 6'3, gosh will we even fit under the darn thing? Wouldn't that be just my luck! 6 days until we leave...and only 2 days left at work! YEAH!!!!!
  6. I'm in the final stretch....FINALLY! We leave in 8 days! I'm just trying to finish the final details now....Sunbride, I love your decore and am going to try and pull off the gazebo only in pink instead! I was curious about music...what is everyone going to walk down the aisle to....are you able to hear it well, do you use a CD or an IPOD?
  7. I am getting married at Dreams Tulum so we will be staying there for 3 nights and then we will going to the Iberostar Grand that just opened in March 2007. If you read the reviews on TripAdvisor and look at the pictures it looks too good to be true, and its an all adult resort!! Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso (Playa Paraiso, Riviera Maya) - Hotel Reviews - TripAdvisor
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by sbernstein What was the name of the woman you worked with at DestinationWeddings.com. Also, how much do they charge. Another question I have is would it be really weird to not walk down an aisle at the dreams Tulum. My daughter really doesn't want to walk down an aisle. Thanks. I worked with a woman named Barb Mason. I paid a $50 deposit fee which was basically just to let them know I was serious because the work can be very time consuming and they did a credit of my $50 back when she booked my trip! She spent countless hours with me going through tons and tons of resorts helping me decide which one to choose. All of my guests really enjoyed her. She sent everyone information about Dreams several months ago and even more information just last week as we get closer to our date. She really catered to our needs and I feel like she got our guests the very best rates. Oh..and even during our trip if we run into any problems all I have to do is give her a call and she will take care of everything!
  10. I have had a wonderful experience using DestinationWeddings.com. I have worked with a woman who has been my lifesaver trying to plan this wedding at Dreams. She has contacted Sandra on many occasions and booked my date with ease! She has booked all of my guests and most of us if not all are on the same flight down there and back. The flight has also been changed by the airline several times and we wouldn't even know because she has done all of the changes for us! I don't know what I would have done with out her!
  11. How many of have gotten a gift for your husband to be on your wedding day and what is it? I'm not sure what to get him if I decide to get him anything...maybe just a card?
  12. Happy Valentines!!! I have a couple of questions for you veterans!!! When do the pictures actually take place...after the ceremony or do you get to choose? How much did you pay to buy the entire CD of pictures? How many of you saw your groom before hand? What is something that you absolutely can not leave without seeing? My guests are only staying for about 3 days and I would like some idea of what would be really great for them to do! If you are only doing a symbolic ceremony do you still get some sort of certificate or anything? I think we are going to get married in the states before we leave!? I have tons on my mind if you can't tell!!!!
  13. I am in awww....I have no words. Your pictures are amazing!!
  14. Hello All!! I was wondering what everyone did as far as tipping goes! I know that they say its included but what did you do for Sandra, the minister and anyone else that was involved with your wedding here! By the way...I'm getting married here on April 26th...any one else on this day?
  15. Now that my wedding is getting so much closer (April 26th) I'm kinda curious as to how the actual ceremony happens. We are doing a symbolic ceremony and was just wondering how everyone elses experience has been? How long was it....did you bring music on an ipod or a CD? Did they already have the wording and everything mapped out or is it bring your own?