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  1. LOTS of songs do that for me. That whole feeling makes me think of that country song "The song remembers when". The song totally remembers..or makes you remember.
  2. They look like her husband.
  3. My sister in law got married at Moon Palace last summer. It is a nice place. Congratulations and happy planning!
  4. I think Nexus makes a good clairifying shampoo. I used to use it to get chlorine out of my hair when I was a lifeguard.
  5. Yea, I would pick the date and then look at weather/season/holidays etc that could interfere with your big day. Also, pick a place you and your FI like. I think this is really important.
  6. texasex


    WELCOME!! Good luck with your planning!
  7. I like "redunkulous". I think it's from The Hills.
  8. That Amanda girl screams WAY to much. I'm glad she's gone.
  9. Sorry girls...I'm just finding this thread. I started one a while back called "ethnic hair" and it never caught on... I did get a suggestion of this place in Cabo. http://www.hivespa.com I emailed them like a week ago and still haven't heard back. My mom is white and dad is black so my hair is kind of in between. I'm still worried about someone knowing how to do it. I was planning on just relaxing it before I go and then blow drying it and letting mexsun or someone do it. Has anyone used or heard of anyone else in Cabo? THANKS!
  10. Ch Ch Check it out. Beach Wedding Favors & Beach Theme Favors for as low as 95 cents
  11. I was wondering this. My FSIL got married at a resort and they were going to make her pay $50 to take off her wrist band (and put it back on) for pictures!!
  12. I agree. Stay away from trip advisor. I'm getting married at a Dreams Resort and lots of brides on here have. I only have heard good things.
  13. Y'all should really try the laser hair removal. I've loved it!
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