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  1. Good luck. I think Zach was the person i spoke with at EM. I think they will still do a great job i think he was just trying to set expectations by warning me on budget. He was very professional but I really preferred DD after looking at their photos.
  2. i'm not sure where they work full time but we have a concierge at Villa Verde. Its only $20 for manicure so that seems like a great deal. I am booking them to do myself and all the bridesmaids.
  3. unfortunately, there are TOO many results. I love this site but the functionality could use a bit of work. I would love to hear what people who have used Dazzling Details did.
  4. What is the etiquette for tipping your wedding coordinator? We are using Dazzling Details and they are amazing but I am not sure how much or when to tip them. Does anyone have feedback on this? My wedding is Sunday!
  5. Thanks for the info everyone! I also found out that our villa concierge can book them for us and they can come right to the villa which sounds great!
  6. Can anyone recommend a place for mani/pedis in the Marina or Conchas Chinas area? I have several guests and bridesmaids who have asked me and most guests are staying at the Marriott and Westin. Any recommendations would be great, i will probably book myself and all bridesmaids if they have room available.
  7. similar response as above, i got a high quote from them and was told they couldn't work in my price range ($10K) for 60 guests. Other planners told me it was absolutely no prob and i could have a great wedding at that price. The main deal breaker is that EM wanted a huge deposit (half of entire contract) upfront. Most other planners only asked for a $1200 deposit. I ended up using Dazzling Details and they are fantastic so far, wedding is in less than 2 weeks and they are extremely organized and on top of every detail
  8. I'm getting married at Casa Villa Verde, a villa on the beach in Conchas Chinas and am using Dazzling Details. Thanks for all the welcomes, i am so glad i found this site even though i only have 2 months to go.
  9. Hi, i am getting married on March 30th in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Would love to hear about other people's experiences and PV weddings! Christine
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