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  1. Hi, are you still looking for a dress? I JUST your PM and I'm so sorry. Let me know if you're still looking. Your inbox will not except my reply, so I emailed you. Sorry this is so late!
  2. I know, it took forever to find one. And then I ended up not wearing it! Someone will look beautiful in it.
  3. Hi, here's the measurements: Bust 41 1/2 Waist 33 1/2 Hips 43 1/2 Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. Hi everyone, I bought two dresses and when this one came, it was way too big (imagine that)! After all the alterations would have been done, I would have ended up paying a grip, so I wore my other dress. This is new, size 16, and is gorgeously and flows beautifully. My first choice would have been this dress, but, so the story goes. I bought it for $350 plus after shipping, I'm letting it go for $200 + shipping. Thanks!
  5. Hi Ladies, I'm back. Haven't posted much but will definitely do a review. I hope the girls that have already gotten married had a blast like I did! Hope to read some reviews as well.
  6. Have you checked American Airlines? They have CHEAP direct flights right now. Make sure when you go to their website, on the left hand side, click on "netsavvers & special offers", then "fare sale". As of this morning, the price (my wedding is in Dec.) is $299.13!! And my 10% discount makes it $279.13!! I wish I had not booked my entire family, but oh well! Hopefully you can get a good rate. PM if you want to use the 10% code. Good luck!
  7. Everything looks great, I love the different jewelry. Can I ask where you are renting the round vases with candles? I love how simple they look!
  8. I love your dress and how all the colors. Congrats on such a beautiful wedding! Love love the pics!
  9. I'm so excited to see results! Good luck to everyone and I look forward to BL4 as well!
  10. I had the same thing happen to me. I ordered 4 BM dresses from Jcrew and all but one shipped. When I called them to check on it, they said that they didn't have that size in stock, and the only thing they could do was send a different (larger) size and then pay for the alterations. I was NOT going to accept that. I told them that they should have notified me if they dress was not available. I talked to a manager, and I told her I wanted something to be done bc I don't want to stress over this and my wedding was coming soon. I said there is a dress I like that has my color, the listed price is 180, can she match my original price of the other dress 132.99. She said yes, and sent them out overnight immediately! I would definitely call them and talk to a manager. You should not have to go out of your way to find something they said was available. I hope that info helps.
  11. I've contemplating the same thing...I planned on doing my own but if I see what I like with Leah and Tara's make-up, I think I'll book Suzanne.
  12. Just to give you an idea - My friend booked way back in April for $338. I've booked my brother's tickets two weeks ago for $353. My sister booked two months ago on cheaptickets (american) for $383. I checked habitually on all days especially on Tues & Weds. I would go onto cheap tickets, if there rates were low, then I would go direct to American and check the price, apply my 10% and it worked out for me. I get married on Dec. 5th.
  13. American Airlines sometimes has good rates going from LAX to Cabo. Most of my family is flying out of there, and their tickets ranged from 338-400. If you have more than 10 ppl going, call them to get 10% off ticketed price.
  14. You look really fresh and beautiful! Congrats and can't wait for your review!
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