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  1. Welcome to the forum Janelle! Have a fun site visit ~ you are definitely on the right track!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by NYJen Ok Vari - here is your reveiw. I hope you liked it. It was so great working with you and I’m seriously going to miss you. At least I can still see you on the forum. Jen ~ I didn't just 'like' my review, I LOVED my review! you are really too sweet and I will also miss working with you too...
  3. Hola Jorge!! bienvenido! Glad to see you here... now, where's Gilda!!!
  4. Welcome to the forum Phoebe! this is a great planning resource ...have fun!!
  5. Hi - translating the document should be easy and inexpensive regardles of whether you get it translated in Cabo or back home. What you need to find out is whether or not you will need the translated copy to be certified or apostilled as this can only be done where you get married. This service will end up costing anywhere from $80 - $100 (Cabo)...
  6. White flowers are usually presented to the Virgin Mary as they represent virginal purity but really, you could make a smaller version of your bouquet to present to the Virgin and it would be ok.
  7. I'm glad Tammy posted this. Like someone else said, if the EDR were a mediocre resort, she would not even care.. the same with me. There is a particular AI resort in Cabo that is known for having odd outside vendor policies, granted they are not as ridiculous as the EDR's, but I make it a point not to recommend it. Why? Because I want my clients to have their pick of vendors that will fit their budget, fit their style and vision of the wedding and fit their personalities.. It is simply too restrictive. So maybe I am not even close to calling for a boycott of this hotel but believe me, I will NEVER recommend it to any of my clients. The One and Only Palmilla, Esperanza and Ventanas al Paraiso here in Cabo (all very high end resorts) will most certainly allow outside vendors without a question! why? Because they want to keep their couples happy and because they appreciate their business, after all, the couples will spend THOUSANDS of dollars to have their wedding at their location.. it's in their best interest to keep them happy. What amazes me is that the hotel thinks they can instate new policies on a whim and expect clients to take it sitting down.
  8. Hi Sophie and welcome! I agree with Maura, Cabo would be a great choice airfare wise. There are two churches for you to consider here, one in San José del Cabo called Misión de San José (large and very Spanish looking) and one in downtown Cabo San Lucas called Parroquia San Lucas Evangelista (small and quaint). Most couples choose the Misión de San José. I hope this helps!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by destinationcabo FutureMrs.Lunsford - thank you for posting this question - I'm still trying to figure out what is best. Vari - Thanks for your link to your past response! I'm not sure how I missed that one but that is a great way to break it down! I'm leaning toward open limited bar (beer, margaritas, soda and water) for the first hour, then pay per consumption for the rest - of course I still need to talk with the hotel to make the deal, but this is what I'm shooting for. My pleasure! I am glad I can help...
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by FutureMrs.Lunsford Hi everyone I am getting married at Cabo Azul in August. My question is... If I did open bar for half the reception would that be totally horrible? At this resort you pay per drink and that can get very expensive. Please give me your honest thoughts, ideas, or opinions on this! Thanks!!!! This is always a hard question to answer... while I know that almost everyone is on a budget and one should do what their budget allows, I also know that wedding guests spend a lot of money to be a part of destination weddings and asking them to pay for their own drinks might put a damper on the festivities. Yes, most will make of the trip a vacation and they will have to pay for going out, activities, etc. but at the wedding, food and beverage should be covered by the couple. With that said, I think very few people will be dissapointed if you have a 'limited' open bar (beer, margaritas, and sodas for example) which should really help keep the costs down. Please take a look at this post Open Bar and Bar on Consumption Explained in regards to bar on consumption. I included a simple equation that will help you determine a bar limit so you know you will not end up with a huge bar bill at the end of the evening. I hope this helps.
  11. Hi everyone!! I just wanted to let you know that Jen had a wonderful wedding and she looked absolutely gorgeous! I will leave the details to her as I am sure she will want to share everything with you upon her return!
  12. I actually like the dress on you! yes, the top seems a bit big but it's nothing huge and you can easily change the sash from silver to tan... Again, it's not horrible at all but I understand it's not what you envisioned.. I say sleep on it and take a look at it again in a few days. Maybe you'll feel different about then?
  13. Kristin, do you have any communications between you and the hotel coordinator in which the menu you selected is listed as well as the price? if you do, you can fight them on this and SHOULD. I always try to receive written confirmation of whatever my client has confirmed with the hotel so that when this sort of situation happens, we have some sort of recourse. Another question, did the hotel coordinator provide you with a BEO (banquet event order) before yesterday? this is a document which lists all your menu and bar choices, as well as event times, locations, dates and number of confirmed guests per event. I say fight them on this and keep in mind that you will get farther by being polite but firm. I hope this gets resolved.
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