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  1. Beth was my photographer for our Wedding and Nate was also a second photographer at our wedding. They were both fantastic and I could not have asked for a more amazing photographer. Our photos were absolutely beautiful, she captured every moment. Now Beth and Elizabeth lloyed are the same person FYI. If you choose to go with them you will not be dissapointed. Email me at maegz_q_9@hotmail.com and I can send you some pro pics they took. They do fantastic work and they are both also amazing people to work with.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Lindsay Maeghan - I just had a look at your photos - your wedding was gorgeous! May I ask where you got your Bridesmaid's dresses? What style/designer are they - they are stunning! (my best friend is getting married in January 2010 and I'd like to show her these!) Lindsay Hi Lindsay, They were from the designer Watters Watters | A Design Driven Company Specializing In Innovative Fashions For Brides, Bridesmaids, Young Mothers Of The Bride And Groom, Junior Bridesmaids And Flower Girls They were style number 130 i believe or 135?? They had chiffon fabric that was to be drapped at the back but we cut it off. I loved those dresses, and they suited each of my girls body types... they turned out great,and comfortable too. Watters has great dresses....
  3. Maeghan

    Heidi and Spencer Eloped!

    Just throwing this out there... Do you think they were legally married or they just had the spiritual ceremony. Don't forget to become legally married in Mexico you have to be in Mexico 3 or 5 business days prior, you have to have a blood test and all your legal documents need to be translated into spanish.... My guess is they had a ceremony on the beach... but legally man and wife I don't think so !!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi Hey Maeghan, I love the maracas that you had on each plate at your reception...were they engraved too it looked like? where did you get those if you don't mind me asking? I would love to do something similar! THANKS! Hi There Maracas are a great choice, our guests loved them. I actually got them through LC. Kelley knows someone there that does them. They are 2 different sizes small and large. Ours were the large, and yes they were engraved. We even got to choose what colours we wanted them.. they turned out perfect... and if i recall they were a great price too !!
  5. Hi Ladies... here is a link to a few non pro pics from my Las Caletas wedding Maeghan & Jocelyn - wedding website by mywedding.com once your there click photo galleries. Hopefully within the next week or so i will have pro pics plus a review for everyone
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Andi once again...AMAZING pictures from LC! I loved your hair...where did you get your hair flower from? Also I am a fuschia and orange bride too! it was so nice to see those colors on the tables and such...beautiful! CONGRATS! Thank You !!! I actually got my hair flower from the LC Florist. My hair flower and my BM's, I was worried about using a real flower at first but it stayed all night Fuschia and orange work perfectly in LC...they really pop
  7. Hi Everyone, I am a little late in posting pics. Here is a link to pictures from friends and family. Maeghan & Jocelyn - wedding website by mywedding.com Once your there click photo galleries Hopefully I will have pro pics to share within the next few weeks. I will also have a review ready very soon. las Caletas was an amazing experience, and no picture no matter how extraordinary can show how beautiful and magical Las Caletas truly is..it's unbelievable.....enjoy!!
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    I had a baby May 15th and have terrible stretch marks on my lower stomach, i have used bio-oil twice a day for 2months and so far see no results :-(
  9. Maeghan

    Bridesmaid Issues??

    I have just found myself in a similar situation, where i had to ask one of my BM's to step down. She was creating so many issues and extra stress, and i could only imagine how much more stress she would have caused if i didnt ask her to step down. She was a total drama queen about it and after i told her she was no longer in the wedding she went and ordered her BM dress anyways and figured since she ordered the dress she had to be in the wedding...WRONG!! at the end of the day, if your BM is a true friend she will understand, and be more than happy to do whatever you need to make your wedding day amazing and stress free
  10. Hi Ladies - i have chosen Fuscia and orange for my wedding colours - the BM's are all in Fuscia and i want my flowers to be a mixture of the 2 colours. I have found a few bouquets that can work but i am having a hard time finding bouquets for myself that incorporate the 2 colours. I want a white bouquet with just a few flowers of fuscia and orange to tie it all in - has anyone come across or seen anything like this? I will upload the BM's buquet ideas - let me know what you think
  11. Hi Ladies - does anyone know when the sunsets in las caletas end of october? also what time does the boat pick up guests at the marina?
  12. Maeghan

    I'm so glad I found this!

    Welcome and Congrats - You should also check out Las Caletas just a short boat ride away from puerta vallarta- they have beautiful weddings there
  13. Maeghan

    October 08 Brides - What's Left to Do

    Ahhh i am getting married October 28 at Las Caletas...it is coming so quick. I am also 8.5 months pregnant due may 16th. We found out we were pregnant a couple months after we were engaged...ooopps. So in order to fit into my dress i have 4/5 months to lose baby weight. Any new moms have any tips
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Yari I ended up sending her an email last night and she responded this morning. Really? What email address are you sending it too??